0.00 Plano lenses

Zenni used to allow an actual 0.00 D lens, but they changed things since then. Now it’s pano. It’s not the same. I think the Plano costs them less to make because it can be a tiny bit off. My experience was that the optics are terrible. I couldn’t wear their Plano. I have an older 0.00 sunglass pair somewhere, and I remember them being much better. But they questioned the power when making the lenses and I had to email them and say yes, I wanted Plano. That was back before zenni was popular, maybe 2007. I didn’t have a credit card, so got this smelly guy who I knew at college (who burned his face cooking an egg a few days prior) to use his. He forwarded me the email from them, and I made him email back with my answer! Those were the good old days, when gmail required invites and there was this new thing just for college students called the Facebook.


you seem to know what you’re talking about so let me ask you. Are you saying that 0.00 and plano are not the same? Why do you think this is? Is it because of the materials used?

I was always under the impression that they meant the same thing. I’ve read somewhere that plano lenses are more safer to wear then demo lenses, which can actually damage your eyes?

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@Bobby, technically, 0.00 is the power, and Plano is the type of lens for the people making it. But they’re supposed to be the same.

Problem is, there’s no guarantee a Plano is really 0.00. It could be -0.12 SPH -0.04 CYL x 27, for example. Deviations in any direction up to 0.12D are allowed. There could also be a bit of prism. And the two lenses in a pair can have totally different powers and signs. You’d have to pay for expensive Plano lenses with like a 0.05D tolerance to get near a true 0.00. Zenni used to offer 0.00 as an option, but now it’s just Plano. I bought two pairs and they had random powers. Less than 0.12D, but still no good. Made me dizzy and had eye strain. The Plano lenses seem to have worse optics/errors/aberrations than the rx lenses when you buy cheap. They felt almost as bad as demo lenses.

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That’s very true. I found that out when getting “0.00” with Transitions lenses and experiencing what definitely wasn’t 0.00.

Had to spend some time on the nerdy lens forums to learn what Jim points out here.


Thanks for the explanation! So if a website offers 0.00 and not the word plano in the selection category I’m good to go? Or are they masking it as the same thing?

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@Bobby, 0.00 could just be marketing hype in some cases, too. You really need to try the lenses yourself. It’s easy to tell if they have power or not.

@jakey, how did you find good quality 0.00 Plano lenses?

it’s crazy, but even as someone with several diopters of myopia, I could not tolerate the (very low) random mismatched lens powers. If both lenses were -0.12 SPH, it would be different. I used to wear -0.25 SPH when I wanted to maintain the illusion I was still wearing my glasses for appearance reasons, but actually resting my eyes. The 0.25 didn’t bother me much because of the moderate myopia. Sneaky, huh?

@Laurens, feel free to split these posts into their own topic and link to here so we don’t clog the update journal!

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This is quite interesting. Looks like I might have to go thru the trusty local optic shop if I want another pair for closeup. That moment when one but prolly both eyes can do closeup without sph correction but there’s a difference and prism

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I was thinking the same thing. Or do what Jake did and go commando around -1.50 or so.

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I would but I also have .5 of vertical alignment issues that I use .5d of prism to correct for. I’m known to get tired and make mistakes and have lapses in my attention/memory when that’s not taken care of as it takes extra work to process visual input when the two eyes aren’t fully working together. So for closeup I would prefer to have that problem corrected for.

However I went commando for a bit today bc I was out in the rain and forgot my hat so I put my glasses away. Was able to read street signs in a limited manner and did better with peripheral vision. Was also able to read the best lit part of a restaurant menu.

On a side note ugh just heard a commercial for lasik over the radio.

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I never wear glasses when I’m in rain…I’m a clean freak when it comes to the lenses.