0.25D extra prescription for dominant eye

first prescription is OS -4.5(SPH) -1.5(CYL) OD -5.25(SPH) -1.5(CYL).

second prescription is OS -4.5 (SPH) -1.5 (CYL) OD -5.5 (SPH) -1.5 (CYL).

I used the first prescription and had a headache for several days. The optometrist recommended me an additional 0.25D prescription for the dominant eye (OD).

What prescription should I use as a guide to start AF?(When using the cm measurement, it matches the first prescription.)

I’ve looked through the posts on the forums about the dominant eye, but still don’t know what to do.

in my opinion dominant eye plays no role in choosing the right lenses for distance active focus. nobody can tell you which lenses to choose.
only you can find out, which lenses work for you to clear up the blurry text with the right textsize at the right distance.
if you dont have a test lens kit you could go to a glasses shop with a printed paper and use their lenses to try out what lenses are the right one. Then buy glasses as cheap as possible. Maybe your choice will be not 100% right, so then you could buy other glasses with a little better diopters.

Headache means some big mistake. Maybe center of lenses is not right with your pupils or the cylinder data is wrong, maybe without cylinder would be better. You should try out lenses on your own and not rely on prescriptions. Active Focus works not without blur. A prescription gives 100% clear vision without blur. So you need lenses which are lower than that.