1 and half month update

Hello everyone, I am back after a month and 15 days of starting endmyopia. I planned to write this update after a month but I had my exams so it got delayed.

In terms of diopters, I didn’t have any significant changes, but my blur distance has increased a bit, earlier my measurements were

R: 80cm
L: 88.9cm


I know they are not many significant improvements, but this is great, I guess this much improvement is enough if we consider that I didn’t do any AF.

I will say that this last month was more about changing my bad habits such as my average screen time for June is only 5h 1m per day. This was such an improvement.
and also I tried my best to not wear my glasses for closeup work, till 4 pm I don’t wear my glasses but when working at night I use them IDK why I just feel that I need them now (should i wear them at night or just bring the screen a bit closer?) I guess I wear them at night bcoz my very little astigmatism gets worse, have only 0.5 astigmatisms, till evening its not much of a problem but at night, oh my lord, I see a 5-millimeter thick wire cable as approx 1cm thick (at least 2-3 double images up and down of the cable as my axis is 180 and 170). Sometimes i doubt that do i even have 0.5 astigmatisms or is it much higher than that.
This literally scares me so much.

now coming back to my habits-
Till 2023 I have to prepare for a college entrance exam so every day I try to study for 9 hours in three-hour blocks. so after each study block, I try to take at least 10 mins of distance vision.
It’s not much but I guess it does help a little to relax eyes?
Since last one week I have started to do astigmatism exercise from the app that was recommended, i only do it for 10 mins(trying to build the habit)

Anymore things that i should do ??

One more thing right now I don’t have any differentials(mom not allowing me to buy), I will try my best to get them by next month, i want to know does wearing my normalized affects the gains that I make?? like if I wear them daily for 4 hours at night will my eyes adapt to the glasses again??

Does studying from physicals books affect eyes as much as screens? (i usually spend 4 hours studying from books, what should I prefer physical or digital books?)

Earlier i used to study in around 150- 200 lux, but after reading biancak post somewhere on the forum i upgraded to 600-700 lux, does this help my eyes somehow?

I had few more questions but I forgot, next time I will write them somewhere.

(i hate my astigmatism) :frowning:

If the weather is nice, and you can get outside with the books in the shade during the daytime that might be useful for you. Natural light tends to be good for eyesight. It would also give you more opportunity to focus far away when you look up or turn a page.

I would probably bring the screen a little closer instead of wearing minus glasses to look at the screen at night. It sounds to me like you’re getting some eyestrain from all that screen use. If I were you, I would try to get some very low powered plus lenses made for your differentials for all that reading and screen time (maybe +0.5 or +1). I think that would take off some of the eyestrain from all the close up work. You might be able to find some that work for you in a store for a dollar or two: the same kind they sell to old people for reading glasses, whatever the weakest kind they sell. So you wouldn’t have to ask for money or permission. They also sell them as blue-blocking glasses, probably for a few dollars.

Try to make sure whatever you’re looking at is straight in front of you. If you have the screen habitually off to one side or the other, or you’re reading while laying down on your side or tilting your head one way or another, that tends to exacerbate astigmatism.

Just make sure you’re not wearing distance glasses for close-up. You want as much distance vision time as you can outside so you can practice active focus.

If you can fit it into your schedule, try to get a couple of hours of outdoor sport every day if you can. Throwing or kicking a ball with your friends will at least partially offset some of the eyestrain from 9 hours a day of intense studying.

While studying i cant go outside as i don’t have any park or anything near my house its like a freaking desert(btw i am from India, life is hard here). I have fixed 2 hours of outside time( i will try to get as much natural light i can)

I have no idea about plus lenses so i will first try by bringing screen closer.

yes absolutely, not taking any chance now.

BTW when i wake up in morning i feel so happy that i have a chance to fix my eyes,as in the morning my eyes literally reset and i can see so so so much clearly. THis just keeps me going everyday.

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You want the screen as far away from you as you can get it and still see clearly. The problem you’re having (at least what I think is going on) is that by the end of the day your eyes are tired from doing so much accommodation (near work). Wearing minus lenses is artificially simulating bring the screen closer (forcing you to accommodate even harder!)

Plus lenses are artificially simulating greater distance (so your eyes don’t have to accommodate as hard.)

If in the morning you can see the screen from 89 cm, but by nighttime you have to bring it to 70 cm, I’d rather bring it closer than throw on a pair of -1 glasses and keep reading the screen. Ideally you’d want to stop reading before your eyes got tired, but that’s not possible if you need to study 9 hours a day (or more) for your exams.

If you can’t get outside maybe try a porch or open window or rooftop or whatever the next best thing is.

i have my desk setup right in front of a window and that to facing east
but I occasionally open it. does opening it helps??

i dont open it bcoz i feel that the light will be coming more from that direction only, i try to have light source from all 4 sides and that too equally

It might, these days there may be coatings on the windows that cut out UV light and other parts of the spectrum. Too much UV (from being out in the sun all the time) is bad for you, but these days a lot of people are spending all their time indoors and not getting enough sunlight.

ok sure i will try to open it as often I can, thanks for replying. bye! its 12 am here, I am going to sleep my eyes are
already feeling so heavyyy

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Good night! Good luck with your exams. You’ll just have to do the best you can to protect your eyes while you do all that studying.

Supposedly the time around sunrise and sunset is best for being outdoors. If you can choose which two hours you spend outside to walk around those would probably be the best times to do it. (From Stanford’s Huberman podcast.)

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With your level of myopia, you don’t need differentials. Differentials are the glasses used for close up vision time, i.e. when you are looking at something at arm’s length or closer. You measure 80 to 89 cms and that should enable you to go without glasses for the screen. If you need them in the evening wear them. But try bringing the screen closer first - assuming it is still further than 50cms away. That’s better than wearing your full distance correction.

Try to spend the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes of the day without glasses and without screens. Also try to spend time outdoors with real distance vision at least during the weekends.

I’d say no. Before screens came into our lives, most people didn’t progress above -2D. Total bookworms hiding away in a dark corner of libraries reading 16 hours a day leaning close to the books developed -5D maybe. Now with the screens around -5D is totally normal to have…
One thing though: whatever you use for reading, make sure you don’t lean on the sofa / bed and do it at an angle. That’s the quickest way to trigger astigmatism and get a cylinder.


Hi Biancak

yes, I don’t need them for close-up work I can see fine but sometimes at night it’s messed up, and for that now I bring my screen a bit closer.
I was actually asking for differentials for an outdoor time like I can read things around but they are not clear, there Is always a bit of astigmatism that messes up the words.
What do you think? shall I go outside without glasses or with my normal glasses or with a bit lower diopter glasses? usually, I go with my normal ones so that I dont strain my eyes while focusing

yes i spend the starting and the end of day without glasses. I spend around 12 hours out of 16 hours without glasses and 4 hours with glasses( i hope its not excessive?)

I have started to play badminton for an hour or half with my friends, it seriously felt so good, mentally and physically :slight_smile:

Also lately i have seen that when i stare at things kept horizontally i can clear like 60% of astigmatism, but it takes time, is this some kind of AF?


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There’s no need for differentials for outdoors.
When you are outdoors just wear your normal glasses and make sure that you are not just looking right in front of you but you look at things at 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters and 50+ meters. You are in your last diopter. What you need to practice is changing distances swiftly and expanding the vision horizon.
You can try going without glasses twice (or three times) a week - if it’s just a walk or a situation when you don’t need full clarity. (Don’t do it if you are riding a bike between cars). Notice the difference between wearing your -0.75D and wearing no corrections at all. Best if you have a usual route where you can compare the two. It’s important for your mind to know what full clarity is, this will eventually trigger your uncorrected vision to want to clear blur to that clarity level, too.
But if you catch yourself straining your eyes with focus (squinting, tensing, etc), then just change back to glasses. You cannot ruin your vision by looking at things far away with normal glasses.

It’s not excessive if it is not close up, not a screen or text within 70 cms.

This is so good! Following moving objects back and forth is the best distance vision training. And it is quick enough not to let you spend too much time lamenting over blur. Good for you.

You might want to check this post and the image I placed in it. This is good to work on sharpening images.


Thanks for your advice☺️

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