1 year anniversay on le meow

Well I began this journey of “blindly” trusting the eye guru July 4th of 2019. And then I decided I could use some advice through this process and joined le meow one year ago.
So a recap I began with -3.00 -2.25 -.50 cyl
I am currently in the middle stage of -1.5 -1.25
And I am seeing good results the last week and my eyes are beginning to active focus while wearing glasses. Previously I dont think this happened the same way. I look forward to the next steps in this journey.
I want to say thank you to @jakey and all the kittehs here that have been with me along our journey to 20/20. Its hard to say trust this even for me, but I am glad I took a leap of curiosity and joined this le meow forum. It has been a big motivator along the way. Plus who else can we excitedly say I just got new glasses!!! And have them understand :rofl:


Happy meowversary!
Ahh yes, it’s so hard to celebrate a reduction with others save on this forum. Whenever I buy new glasses or get a new “prescription” that is lower than the one before, I feel the need to announce it to the world and no one cares xD


Happy anniversary Jenn. I understand the excitement about new glasses, but cannot share it. I can only report on seeing better without glasses, and people who know me as not wearing glasses can’t get excited about that either. :smile:


Thank you @Salt and @Ursa. There are so many things that we get excited about that people just can’t understand. Heck I dont even know a person that wears glasses that has the -3 dioptor range that I can share things with in my non virtual life.
I have tried to tell as many people as I can about lense reduction but so far I have not found anyone commited to learning about the process.


Congratulations on some good progress in a year’s time Jenn. It’s very true that outside the EM community no one else understands or cares about our gainz or setbacks.

Thanks for sharing your progress. We started from a similar range so you are encouragement to me and others.


What I learned is there are ups and downs and outdoor time really helps. Being mindful of vision becomes a habit but it is an all day reminder.


Hey Jenn!

First off, I want to congratulate you!! Truly. From my own efforts - during about the same time span as yours - I’ve noticed how much dedication and focus it takes to be mindful of vision. So my hat off to anyone who makes it work!

As for me… I’ve all but given up. My problem is I’ve never gotten active focus. Well that’s one of my problems. The other central one is, I seem to have an extremely sticky kind of ciliary spasm. It slips on immediately, and I mean really fast. I can have been working with my differentials (which works well for me) and change to my normalised, check the lettering on the building opposite and find that my vision is clear. Then, as I glance about the room, dressing or just using my eyesight close-up with my normalised for a while, I look up again at that same building and find I’m in blur already. Have you encountered this? It just doesn’t seem to get any better. It can also take an hour of driving my car for ciliary spasm to lessen. I watch road signs as I’m driving from a place I quite often visit, noting that sometimes the road signs never get clear, meaning the spasm is even though I use my vision actively, focusing on subjects at a distance.

Seeing as you’re making good progress, may I ask you: Have you experienced any of this? How did you find active focus? I thought I had it in the beginning but realised it was only ciliary spasm clearing. And really, all I’ve gotten from my efforts seems to be a lot of floaters… from straining my eyes no doubt.

All journeys ain’t alike :slight_smile:

Not Jenn, but I’ll answer you.

Hard to judge how fast is fast, but yes I get ciliary spasm quickly in normalized doing general work. Mixed near and mid-range where I’m comfortable using normalized, leads to spasm.

For me the spasms started in my early 40s which led to using bifocals. Now at 50, even though I use differentials when I can, I spasm quickly and it’s painfully slow to release. Hours or days if I don’t get plenty sunlight and distance.

I gave up once and had to start over. Don’t make that mistake. Good luck.


In my experience I felt like AF was not working if I had my glasses on. So at the beginning stage I would look at a sign and try to make letters more clear. This is also how I started the AF process. I did some Bates method too by trying to make only one part of the letter clear and blur the rest. So my Stop sign by my house was my starting point. I cant say I successfully made any part more clear but it did begin a process in my vision that made things much more clear than it was.
Not sure where you are starting in dioptors but I believe most anyone could try to make something more clear using their own eyes. Also Jakes method of describe the blur… maybe alone and out loud lol. If you just kinda embrace the blur and try to make a description of it it may help you to relax your eyes enough to change the view.
I did this without glasses because it was the only way i could at first but now I can clear things up in glasses. Sunlight is really good to help make progress. I actually work outside a lot but I find that it is different having sunshine vs. Being in the sun. I didnt really need to use differentials much because the most frequent close up activity was just using my phone so I cannot speak to using them and switching back and forth much. I just tried to give myslef time in between wearing different glasses because I felt it was better for my eyes to adjust.
Honestly I didnt really think about active focus as much at the beginning. I just kinda made sure to not wear my glasses for close up and try to clear things up without glasses and it all kinda worked out.
What are your habits


You must have started out with less diopters than me? I’m at -3,25 in my normalised and I can’t really do anything without blur except read a book close up without glasses. Sometimes I make food with my differentials on - say after I’ve been on my computer with them - but notice that the blur at further than screen distance is uncomfortable.

I’m in the same situation as Kevin.Lee who wrote above. Maybe the age? I’m 48 now and could be the eyes simply work differently at this age?

In the beginning I noticed my eye sight getting clearer (I started in early spring 2019) and spasm releasing faster when I was looking up and taking breaks often enough. It also was doing something positive to work the muscles around my lens because I was finding it easier to combat age vision. I don’t have bifocals yet, but find myself removing my glasses more and more to read fine print. But then came the long grey fall & winter up here in the north and as there was no contrast my eyes had nothing to hold onto to focus, and I lost heart, as I sensed my progress was waning and even reversing. This summer I didn’t really have the discipline or belief in it working for me to be consistent. It just took so much effort during the months I worked at it and then not being able to continue during 6 winter months was a hard set back.

I basically still use my differentials for computer work and it’s the best way I know to clear up ciliary spasm. When I start working I have to blink to clear and keep my lap top closer but after I’ve been writing or browsing stuff for a while my eyesight starts clearing. After the spasm has released using differentials I can switch to normalised and note that I’m spasm free. That is, until I start doing stuff that isn’t looking into the distance! So, like for Kevin.Lee, mixed near and mid range cause ciliary spasm in my normalised. Does this not happen for you?

The truth is I don’t get enough distance vision at the moment, but I’m feeling unmotivated because releasing the ciliary spasm is so hard and slow during distance vision. Isn’t it odd that it’s much easier using my differentials? I wonder why that is.

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Same here bro. See my reply to Jenn…

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At the beginning I found that the spasm was difficult to deal with if i looked at close up things. And on my weekends when I was at home indoors more often it seemed to take almost all week to get my vision back. I did the opposite approach with dioptor resets and I would start them at work because I would get more sunlight then. And although it isn’t really cold in AZ it still detered me from going outside.
As for having to start over I first listened to Jake in 2017 but I didnt take it serious enough and get the 7 day email. It wasn’t until 2019 that I got frustrated with my eyesight and commited to the Bates book and found Jakes emails.
As far as what I could see Well i started -3 -2.50 for contacts. So the astigmatism wasn’t corrected for. I didn’t see much either. But I knew if I tried and nothing got better I was wearing glasses for the rest of my life… and if it doesn’t get better than it is now. I can at least see enough that if my glasses break I could still drive.
As far as 6 months of winter there are some more northern types in the forum like @Bigkittyqueen and @Slsatrom with the long winters. Maybe check out there was of dealing with the dark days.

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Also a note about differentials. I use to wear lower dioptors at home because it felt like too much to wear my normalized. So not strange but not sure if one way is better or not.

Thx for name dropping the northern folks, I’ll definitely ask them how they’re dealing w the shades of grey…

I’m curious - what do you do for work? Something that’s outdoors & allows you to use your eyes for long distance?

And - how much effort do you put in to keep your eyesight in shape? You say you felt as if it almost took all week to get your vision ‘back’ after a weekend indoors… so, how much outdoors time do you make sure you get, and how? Do you still notice your vision getting weaker if you don’t put in that time?

I drive around a lot so it gives me a lot of outdoor time. So the weekend days I would get less sunshine. Plus AZ having so much sunny days it helps a lot. But I still would try to make myself do more outdoor things when at home. It isnt always a specified amount of time just whatever I can do.
You mentioned that you have trouble with the normalized. Perhaps you may want to read the log I started 8 glasses from 20/20
I struggled 3 weeks each time I started a new set of lowers. After it happened a few times I figured it was normal for me. Distant viewing appears to make the clearing up get better over time.

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Hi Jenn, do you follow any of Jake course or do it yourself?

I got the 7 day emails and listened to the videos and read a bunch on endmyopia.org that’s all.

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My job used to have me on the road 6 hrs a day or more. Things changed and now I’m inside 6 hrs or more. Progress was much easier and consistent with all the driving. Now it’s a struggle.

Sorry to hear that. It does make a big difference not being in doors.

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