10 years of myopia progression

Hi everybody, It’s Alex from Italy.
I wear glasses since I was 11 (now I’m 22), and my myopia got worse every year until 2017. My last prescription was -5.75 left eye and -5.50 for right eye, both eye also got 0.50cyl.
As I said my myopia continued to progress until 2017, after that my eye stabilized according to my optometrist.
But I think my myopia stopped because I was unconsciously wearing a (normalized!) old prescription glasses when I was at home, holding at -5.00 for both eyes with even no cylinder as I remembered.
I used to wear my full prescription only with contact lenses and only outdoor.
Two months ago my old glasses was really aged and needed to be change, so I switch to a full prescription even for home and close up. As you can expect my sight was worsening again and I know for sure this was for the new glasses and due to less time outdoor for the pandemic.
Sick of this situation, I remember there were some method to stop progression and reversing myopia, so I lend to a youtube video of Jake and started to informing me about this.
I immediately switched to my old prescription glasses when I am at home, in the meanwhile my differentials and normalized glasses arrive, and after only 3 days of practising my eyes looking out the window I can really notice the difference. My eyes is returning ok with full prescription and now i feel like my last glasses are overprescribed.
I decided to go with normalized contact lenses when outdoor, because I used to wear them with no problem and I know they have to be used with care (max 8 hours), and I can also get them at a cheap price, allowing me to make changes when I want.
For differential I ordered a -3.50 prescription for both eyes. I also got a normalized glasses -5.50/-5.25 with -0.25cyl.
I wish my journey will end with a 20/20 eyesight, but for me it would be also amazing if I can get to return to my first prescription glasses of -2.50. Cheers.


Welcome to the forum, and good luck.


Today arrived my normalized glasses of -5.25sph and -0.25cyl, they give me a challange for both eyes, with right eye I can see almost cristal clear (even 20/15 with slight effort), left eye vision is blurrier and require more effort to see 20/20.
I equalized the diopter first because with stronger sph (5.50) for the weaker eye I don’t get any blur challenge, and my cm measurement are almost the same for both eye (around 17.7cm).

My current differentials are 4.75 with no cyl (they will also be my future normalized) for both eyes, I’m also waiting a pair with -3.50 for shorter distance.


Another update and consideration.
With contact lens (-5.25 both eyes) I can actually see crystal clear in daylight, with glasses my left eye is behind, but I think all the blur is due to astigmatism being corrected naturally in contacts. In my first normalized I reduced a quarter of diopter of cyl among with sphere, I know this shouldn’t be done (my fault, I didn’t know at the time), but at this time I should continue on this path.
Next week I will drop contacts at -5.00, hoping that I will manage to reduce the astigmatism blur in glasses.

Here are my ophtalmologist prescriptions so far:
2009 : sx - 2.50 (sph) dx -2.50 (sph) / no cyl
2010 : sx - 3.50 (sph) dx -3.00 (sph) / no cyl
2015: sx - 5.00(sph) dx -5.00(sph) / -0,50 cyl both eyes
2017: sx - 5.75(sph) dx -5.50(sph) / -0,50 cyl both eyes

As you can see cylinder appeared during the time, and it’s definitly lens induced.
Curiosly my diopter ratio changed over time, going up and down.