19-year-old on a journey to 20/20

hello everyone!

happy to be here.
this is yet another journey to 20/20, this being the post where I will add updates.
(I wrote on the FB group, but this is my official intro to the forum! yay!)

so, about me : I’m Maëlle, a 19 year-old myope who hasn’t known 20/20 for 10 years. my mom, younger sister and I all wear glasses, though the jury is still out on my 9-year-old brother’s fate. i really want this to work so i can help them too and so we can collectively frolick glasses-free in fields of dainty flowers (which we will be able to see!!!)

i’ve always been an avid reader and thought i was just doomed to wear glasses. i’m vain and always though i looked prettier with contacts, so that what i’ve been doing for 7+ years now. i tried subliminals once upon a time (anyone can relate?) but it was way too long for the results - the one time i went to the opto after doing them, my myopia was stabilized for the 1st time in a while, though… coincidence…?

either way i’m a big DIY-er and believe there is a natural cure for close to everything - our bodies deep down just want to fix themselves!! after some persistent Googling, I found Mister Steiner - BIG aha moment!!! and here I am, so motivated to do this

my current prescription for my glasses is OD -4.25 and OS -5.00, though the centimeter measurements say otherwise for my OS - it seems it’s actually -4.50.
i’m impressed that the OD is actually accurate, though

now, i ordered 3 pairs of glasses from zenni optical last week who should get here in a month. one +0.25, one +0.50 and one +1.25. problem is, stupid me ordered them with my “prescription” and not cm measurements. hopefully it still goes well and i’ll order the next ones with the right gap between my OD & OS - anyway, I understand that cm measurements are not an exact science so I’ll start with my subscription and measure a few other times to make sure my measurements are exact

while I wait for my glasses to get here, here’s my plan (please feel free to correct anything that isn’t recommendable - this my personal understanding so i def may be wrong) :

  1. measuring my cms a few times a week, always same setting n same hour - i’m too busy to do it twice a day, but i’ll do it often as i can!
  2. i work 6hs a day, 5 days a week in front of a computer (sad), so i’ll try to be as far as possible from my computer, take a walk every few hours, and do 20/20/20
  3. i’ll try to get outside as often as i can and limit close-up time
  4. i’ll try naked-eye print-pushing for at least a few minutes every day and take my glasses off during the day whenever i can

once i get my glasses, i’ll also implement switching glasses for different activities to have blur in the distance and to be able to do active focus all the time - you have to try to focus every once in a while with undercoorected glasses or you’ll get blur adaptive, no?

i think that’s a pretty comprehensive start, right? is there anthing important i’m missing?
if there’s anything you think i should add or change to this routine, please please please share! i would be forever grateful for your help and priceless insight.

i’m super happy to be apart of this community and am looking forward to changing my habits

thank you for taking precious time out of your day to read me!

lots of love from cold-a** Canada,



Welcome to the forum. You have certainly done your homework, and your plans look good. Of course, as the proof of the pudding is always in the eating, you may have to make some adjustments along the way. Good luck, from another myope who earned her myopia honestly by avid reading. :smile:

Congrats on finding endmyopia " We will watch your career with great interest!"
“referecene meme from starwars palpatine”

Active focus stimulus between the blur horizon and proper health habits are friggin important :smiley: push through and staying consistent thats what id tell myself if was just starting out.stick to the plan!

aw, thank you! i’m ready to tweak as i go - that’s the fun part, getting to know yourself and ur eyes better!:slight_smile:

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yay! will keep y’all updated!!
yes for pushing thru and consistency! we can do this