- 2 Diopter ciliary spasm? +Introduction

Hey, I’m Alex and living in Germany. I found Endmyopia last year cause someone shared the link to the website on a Youtube video. After a short time I found active focus which is also the reason why I had managed to stop my eyes from getting worse until now. In August I had gone to the opthalmologist which measured that I need a prescription which is -0.5 D. lower than my full prescription. For this measurement I wore my old full prescription, which I had used as differential for a while.

The old prescription (differential) was: (from January 2019)
R: -3.75 SPH - 0.25 CYL Axis: 120
L: -3.25 SPH -0.75 CYL Axis: 80

My last full prescription was: (from July 2020)
R: -4.75 SPH - 0.25 CYL Axis: 120
L: -4.25 SPH -0.75 CYL Axis: 80

In the last weeks I had noticed that my last full prescription is to strong for my eyes during my differential feels to weak to wear it for distance. So I go to a new optometrist (Fielmann) to get a weaker glasses. They also measured that I need -0.5 less correction. But they also measured other axis as my old optometrist.

New prescription:

R: - 4.25 SPH - 0.25 CYL Axis: 130
L: -3.75 SPH - 0.75 CYL Axis: 70

In the next days/ weeks I will buy a differential online, to easier get ride of ciliary spasm. In relation to ciliary spasm I find my first prescription very interesting: (from May 2016)

R: - 2.25 SPH -0.25 CYL Axis: 120
L: - 2 SPH -0.75 CYL Axis: 80

I think I will have almost the same close up time like in 2016. So I believe that I could release -2 D. only of ciliary spasm in the next months. Do you think that this could be true?

My biggest problem on the journey will be to find new hobbies and to defeat my addiction on video games.

What are your outdoor/ distance vision hobbies?

Welcome Alex,
I can say from my experience:
Before EM I used -4.25 contact lenses and I knew they were already too weak. So I needed -4.5, this equals -4.75 glasses power.
I think the 0.25 were pure ciliary spasm. Then (after a long experiment phase without any improvements) I reduced 0.25 after 2 weeks and then again 0.25 after 2 weeks. And then the slow improvement started and I needed 4 months. So I would count the first fast improvements of 0.75 as ciliary spasm. I can not imagine that 2 diopters are ciliary spasm. Maybe with high myopia it is different. But Im mid-high myopic, so 0.75 ciliary spasm for from -4.75 to -4 in 1 month is my case. Maybe I should have been more careful with reductions in the beginning. But if you think it is clear, then you can reduce. But now I would wait some more days to have more security.