2 year plateau -- doing a hard reset

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this forum, but I haven’t stopped practicing a bare minimum of EM – sitting at the edge of blur (or what I thought was the edge of blur), and having two sets of glasses: normalized and differentials.

For a good part of the last year I’ve been using -2.25 as my normalized and -0.75 as my differentials. However, I had some pretty bad smartphone habits and screen habits. I kinda let myself go through the pandemic. That said, the last 4 months have been good for me, and I’ve made a lot of big changes to my life to prioritize my health and wellbeing more.

For those who remember me, I started EM as an anti-glasses Bates method practitioner. So, I am prone to blur adaptation and diopter angst where I try to reduce as aggressively as possible because I’m just so used to blur and wrestling with it. Something I’ve learned in my 4 or so years of doing EM is that:

  • Yes, EM works. I successfully reduced from a -4.00 to -3.25 in both eyes, which was optometrist confirmed.
  • Reducing too aggressively is counter productive as this introduces blur adaptation as a significant risk
  • You really just want to reduce just one step below perfect sharpness

I’d say right now my opto prescribed glasses if I were to get an appointment would probably land at a -3.25 or -3.00. I tested myself with -2.75 and was able to get a perfect 20/20 and 20/15 without much effort, but testing throughout the day, sometimes I’ll need active focus.

So! I am doing a hard reset and trying my hand again at EM, this time with the understanding that unless I am experiencing consistent glasses-induced eyestrain, I should not really be reducing until 4-6 months with any particular pair of glasses. I’ll look to stagger my reductions by starting with the differentials first and then the normalized to emphasize fixing my close up, and other than that, I am back in action.

EM has worked for me when I practiced the principles correctly, but failed when I get too cocky and aggressive with reductions. So, here’s to learning patience and remembering that it’s a journey of enjoying the clear vision you can get right now through glasses, and knowing that glasses aren’t forever as long as you’re patient and diligent.

I think having a few years under my belt, I’m pretty sure this will be a recurring theme for me. Two or three reductions, followed by one step back up, and then back down again. I’m alright with this staggered process as it’s about wearing what’s right to enable clear vision and active focus, not about rushing as much blur into my life as if I’m trying to lift weights with my eyes or something. Relax, and enjoy the view – this is what I’ll aim to do.



Welcome back. Seems to me you have the tools and the right mindset for this pass. Best wishes :slight_smile:


Thanks for your encouraging news. Mine is similar in Rx and progression – starting 2019 with great progress, losing in winter gaining in summer. Then this summer (2021) CM’s broke into the 80’s a few weeks ago perhaps a dozen times over a few weeks.


Yeah mate that’s me too. I’ve been at this for about four years or so I think, and have gone from -5 to -3, but I tend to slip back into bad habits and plateau for a long time. Then I’ll go back up quarter to half diopter and start from there. No rush right?

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