20-20-20 rule with differential

I want the know how you guys perform this rule with diff.
After 20 mints you look beyond your blur point with diff
let see an example.l, if my blur is at 30cm , then seeing beyond 30cm like even 10 fit your are relaxing Hillary spam?this might cause blur adaptation or loss of active focus if you focus

Yes I look away while wearing the diffs. Sometimes I even pull a little focus, possible because my diffs are set for about 100cms. But even without pulling focus the change in focus is important for your eyes, it is not good to keep any part of your body in one position for too long, your eyes just don’t complain as loudly as much of the rest of your body. Don’t neglect longer breaks though and certainly switch to normz for those.

The recommendation is for 50cm or more, especially for static vision, Differentials - YouTube.

?? um no, blur adaptation is from ignoring blur for long periods of time, usually by going quite under corrected all the time. As long as you wear your normalized when not in close up you will be fine, Normalized - YouTube