20/20 Just around the corner

I have decided to retire the old thread of 8 glasses to 20/20 and start a new one. I originally thought I would be wearing glasses all the way to -.25 but at the current stage I am I doubt that will happen.
So I began in July 2019 at -3, -2.25 -.50 and I am now wearing -1.5, -1.25. These are still a work in progress and perhaps more frustrating because it feels like I just can’t sustain clarity. But some of that may be life issue’s more than anything.

So the title: the strange thing is that I am able to go outside and clear up my neighborhood. I think it is similar to walking the same route as Jake says because I usually can only get near 20/20 when at home. Sometimes it all pops into focus without me doing a thing but shifting my gaze. Other times I close my eyes and when i open them hold the clarity for as long as I can. These clarity moments are great but they also make me mad I cant just keep it already.

So I guess the low myope stage is where I am. I still have a goal to go down to -1.25 plano but it may take longer than I expect and who knows maybe my eyes will just skip that all together.


Perhaps being conservative and consistent is the solution here.
I’d stick with very small and equal reductions if I were you.

But note some people who don’t have myopia also don’t have very balanced eyes.
Maintaining a neutral angle to the target is what helps.
I always have a 180 angle to PC and my eyes equalized so 0.125 difference is the most.
The thing left to do is to equalize astigmatism - 0.50 SPH and 1.00-1.25 CYL.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this, Jenn. Do you mean that you will not buy any more lenses below -1.25 and go commando for the last stretch? The lowest lens I have for my right eye is -0.75 and I don’t intend to buy any lower ones. The lowest lens I have for my left eye is -2.00, and I am far from being able to see much with that. If my left eye ever gets to being able to see 20/20 with that, I will be probably not bother to get any lower lenses for that eye either, as I see well enough with my right eye doing most of the heavy lifting.

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I ordered lenses all the way to -.25 already so the 8 glasses to 20/20 thread included that. I thought I would have been using lensea all the way down. Still up in the air sorry wtong word usage on plano I mean to say I had hoped to drop to equal -1.25 It just seems that my eyes don’t respond to glasses stimulus as well as no glasses. I can clear up the world better not weating them than I can wearing them. So not sure what to expect. Some days it feels like I will just go poof vision correction over.

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Luckily I don’t much computer work. But some times I think have the stimulus at the computer engages my eyes better.

I certainly prefer to go without glasses at about -1 SE for my right eye. This may well be the way for you to go ahead, never mind the wasted glasses. Lenses may correct, but they also cause other distortions.

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So I lost my pair of lenses and had to go to work using my .25 stronger pair. Thats a -1.75 -1.5 man that was clear and I guess looking for blur all the time makes a perfect clear intolerant. Admittedly my left eye had a squeeze of blur at long distances but really much. I carry a .50 around in case of unexpected indoor work and I threw those on just to get my eyes to work a little. Even though they are too weak for driving it did relieve my extra clarity so my btain had to find clarity.
Still looking for those missing lenses. The trouble of having low myopia!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have avoided posting for a while now because I am stuck. I cant keep clarity in my -1.5 1.25. I keep having moments that are up and down. The other day I had to wear my stronger pair because I could not find the others. So I wore those 2 and a half days. It seemed to help somewhat to get clarity back but I discovered I could not see 20/20 in the stronger pair. So I will try to figure oit if I need to go up for a while or if I can wear them just in the mornings.


Saw this in another post (going up in power) and have started experimenting. Pretty weird that it seems to work (but it’s been a short period so far…).

I guess it also depends on what you go back to. I used to step back to a correction that gave me an average 20/20. Meaning 20/20 during daytime activities (e.g. walking over to a cafe for a lunch break and reading signs everywhere indoors) and better than 20/20 outdoors in the sun, but less than 20/20 in the evening with little lights (dim-lit restaurant)
And this gave me a relief and a boost after weeks of max 20/30 vision (maybe 20/25 on sunny days)

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Well I am sure life things have affected much of the progress but I am stuck in my 2 pairs right now and just not sure how to proceed. So I figure taking care of the life things takes priority. And the eyes are 2nd I just try to stay conscience of not getting lazy and getting worse.

I put on a pair with a full diopter more and that was stronger than 20/20 but it didnt feel horrible. Only wore it for a much needed low light i door event. Not sure what to think of the experience it kinda made me sad. But I can also put on a pair of .50 as differentials and feel like my eyes want to clear things up. Just a strange spot.


I can totally understand that. I used to buy last minute tickets to theatres and as those usually meant second balcony third row seats or equivalent, I wasn’t afraid of increasing corrections for that dim lit “distance vision” time. I didn’t want to miss the play, I wanted to enjoy it…


Added a new kitty in the family and thought I would add a bit of an update. I have continued with th 1.50 1.25 and for the most part I am adjusting to it better than expected. Now when I wear the stronger pair it feels like a upgrade. I am having less challenges but feel it is a good decrease. The reason I am determined to only go between these 2 pairs is because I don’t get the clear flashes without the drop in 1.50 1.25 so I hover around the 2 pairs.
I do feel for those that have to be inside though. 1 day for me and it feels like a set back of a month or more. So I feel pretty lucky to have a mostly outdoor job. Fluorescent lights are the worst for the eyes. No wonder emmytropes ende up with readers.


Do you find that your normalized is too strong for indoors?
I am at a similar stage as you and find that the normalized is only useful for outdoor distances.

Actually if working indoors I use either no glasses or a .50 for computers beyond arms length. But the flourescent lights make me sight feel worse. At home I don’t have that problem and spend a lot of time without lenses. The big difference is no sunlight when at work.

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Now that I am seeing results I can post about them. Today I am happy to report I was able to view the 20/20 line and almost make it out. Seems like forever I have been stuck back and forth in these last 2 diopter ranges and could not improve. So it feels pretty good. My eye chart is still indoors in low light condition because hey emmetropes can read it and I like to keep my target realistic. Not to mention it is 2 Q O C □ so a bit of a challenge but that tells you what you are really seeing.


So after much thought about the process and the type of lenses I was wearing I changed my plans. I went to an equalization of -1.5 so remaining on the right and going down on the left. It is a bit tricky to determine the correct overall vision but this is my current plan. I changed the style of lenses so they are clear frame and larger. Hoping this will help me equalize and get the astigmatism left in my right eye to settle.