🎥 20 Minute One-On-One Video Chats With Jake

What do ya’lls think about this one:


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:movie_camera: 20 Minute One-On-One Video Chats With Jake
Here’s some bribery for you, straight up: Will trade you one-on-one help / review chat with me, if you make a short video summary of your 20/20 gains and experience to date.

:exclamation:This one is intended for those who already made good gains, a bit of incentive to share and motivate others to investigate their myopia. (not meant for newbie plzz-bros)

Drop me a line before setting off on a video adventure to confirm I have availability for a chat, and that your scenario makes sense for above offer.

Also, videos are super easy to make! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpZvc8vtHvo

Alternatively we can experiment with recording a discussion style chat, or even do just audio / podcast style if you prefer. An experiment to figure out how we can get past just text and more into real conversation. :slight_smile:

My motive: Trying to find ways to convert at least some of the many text-based improvement updates into more engaging human stories. Faces, emotion, everything to go along with the experience of reducing diopter dependence. Video is so powerful and we really don’t use it (so far).

It’d be awesome if this was just a thing, no bribe ideas required, but so far I haven’t struck gold in finding ways to convince participants to try video.



I like the idea. I might take you up on this! I plan on making a year 20/20 gains report in August or so.


I’ve only had one reduction and am very low myopia but I would definitely be willing to do this. I I don’t qualify I can do this when I get to 20/20.


Seems like it’s worth a try.

I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect when I did the first video, but after that I’ve had fun making them now and again.


I have pretty much no basis for judgement and feel like I do have all the info I need already, but these could be an interesting addition to the EM resources. Video or even just audio “improvement reports” or Q&A but more conversational/discussiony.

I really think this is great incentive, can I abuse this moment and see if you’ll retroactively do such a thing for them kittens who already made an EM video? I’m partially kidding here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think this is an awesome idea. Videos really are the best way to convey how important this is to the uninitiated, and you get all the great reactions on camera. This will be the difference between someone autosorting EM into the ‘scam, won’t work, he wants my money’ to the ‘I’m going to try this’ category.


@laurens For sure. You name it, I’m up for it.

@everybody so far, thanks for the comments! I think there’s an answer in here somewhere, whether it’s podcast style audio conversations about gains and progress and experiences (and questions), and/or quick videos … either way, I think we can make it past just typing words into screens.

More ideas, always appreciated. Especially what you’d be most interested in or comfortable with participating.


How about an interactive Q&A? You being on video and some of the qualified kittens on audio basically having a meeting with you discussing their EM journey and sharing their experiences and the challenges they’ve come across. You can provide some perspective on the things that get discussed and this will “organically” create a new video where some real life EM does and don’ts get exchanged.

If this is something of interest, them kittens can also film themselves and add it to YouTube as a next video on their progress.


Good idea.

I don’t have any questions at the moment. But when i do, i’ll take you up on this.

And when i get 20/20, i’ll do my best to make a video. Although the only decent camera i have is my phone :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m up for any of the above. International time zones could cause scheduling challenges, so multiple sessions could be a good idea.


Truthfully, I don’t think I have any questions left from an improvement standpoint. I’ll post an update in July, but I’m getting 20/40 with active focus now, so it’s really just down to a waiting game (and one more winter).

If there’s some appeal, perhaps an interview after I pass DMV test or hit my 20/20 for those who ask if anyone ever gets back to 20/20?

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Same do I. I reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 but will probably make a video of my full journey when I get to 20/20.

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I would love to take you up on that! I believe I’ve had at least .75 total improvement over a year (not verified by eye doc), so it’s not huge gains… BUT I’ve left headaches/mental fogginess behind me, so a video from me could share that perspective - and to me, that’s massive life improvement. And I’m a strange case, currently with OD 0, OS -1.75, and astigmatism around 1 for both eyes. Would I qualify?

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For sure.

Mostly I just want a different medium for people to try, something that filters out less of the human part of the experience (than just reading typed letters on a screen).

Collecting ideas and then it’ll be on to figuring out a schedule to try it out! :slight_smile:


I’d definitely film a video in exchange for a 20-min video chat, plus an extra 5 to 10 mins to figure out what my improvement actually is. I can’t exactly quantify my gains as there was a lot of variability with my vision (up to 1.00 diopters in either direction) and I was doing the do-it-yourself thing for a few years. However the bad double vision I had is gone, the variability is gone. It’s stable now, like I locked in my previous DIY gains at the lower end first, then the higher end, and now I’m in new territory. I was grossly overprescribed (possibly by about 1.00 to 1.25 diopters) in the fall at -7.50/-6.00 diopters with -1.00/-1.50 astigmatism. I never filled the prescription because I considered it equivalent to physical assault. Now, I am using -5.00/-3.25 normalized with no astigmatism correction. Today I was able to read 20/30 indoors with a lot of active focus in daytime light. My eyes have begun adapting for the removal of the astigmatism correction–did the switch about two weeks ago. If you want to get the word out about endmyopia, I can reach a lot of people. I’m in your paid program.


That’s very nice progress, @IC-Clearly!

Having the right mindset of persistence is really a key ingredient especially since the biology can be somewhat unpredictable.

I think I’d already be doing more member video things in general if it wasn’t for the time zone issue and the very hit and miss Internet with my frequent locations. It’s something I want to do anyway, possibly this tentative initiative will help focus all that a bit.

Going to collect some offers and then figure out a schedule to arrange some good chats. :slight_smile:

It’s less issue than it first seems. Again based on my experience on the previously mentioned webinars, they are usually in weekends 2-3 PM in US time. It means evening for Europe, but there are some people from Australia / New Zealand who are there although it’s 4-5 AM for them :slight_smile: So for me it seems if people want to attend then they will do regardless of circumstances.


Thanks Jake! Member video things would be awesome! Dropping the astigmatism correction definitely requires the most persistence. My eyes constantly flip between blur, sharp, blur, sharp, etc.

2 weeks ago, it was an offset blur 95% of the time, and 5% sharp with active focus, but it took a lot of active focus time to get things sharp. Now I’d say it’s about 70% blur, 30% sharp, with much quicker active focus. I started your program in the end of January. So many small things from the program have made a difference, like the cm measurements. Now I know exactly what affects my vision.

Getting a test lens kit helped me out so much, although after the initial measurement, I haven’t used it since. The astigmatism practice thing (side to side looking) helps too. I do that without glasses since it’s easy for me to active focus with or without glasses. Thanks for sharing all that you learned throughout the past decade.

Count me in for a video. If you want to reach a larger audience, let me know. I have a decent-sized blog.


Yea that’s what I say about test lens kits usually. Unless there’s a lot of focal plane complexity (cylinder, diopter ratios), you generally tend to not need it after dialing in the first round of reductions.

Decent size blog sounds super interesting! :slight_smile: