🎥 20 Minute One-On-One Video Chats With Jake

Definitely true from a ‘make money’ perspective. You’d know it better than anyone. The section of my brain that tries to understand why some people don’t mind wearing glasses doesn’t exist and is just a black hole. Some people don’t care.

From a ‘social media popstar’ perspective, like if you drew a supply/demand curve and the demand from people who didn’t know about EM was factored in, you’d find a gigantic humongous shortage of content. EM is great, but like you say people really appreciate a video talking about their experiences. When I made that first video, I kind of knew I would be (not bribed) shilling EM for a very long time if it actually restored my eyesight. I must really hate shortsightedness. I had the foresight to start the series before I even had changed the glasses I wear, just so people could see my actual thoughts (is it a scam?) on camera before I got started for that nice contrast.

I suppose it’s a little bit of the ‘change-the-world with an internet vlog’ millennial thing coming out in me, but I HATE glasses, can relate to others who do and the butterfly effect is strong with this topic. If my actions cause one person who hates glasses to ‘change their life’ then I’ll be pretty happy, let alone the potential for YouTube as a ‘change their life’ factory. So better to trade stocks for money, but for good karma I couldn’t find a better topic.


Keep me posted via this thread. I can’t figure out how to access the forum for the paid group. E.g. I click “forum” and get here, or am prompted to login, but I’m already logged in, etc.

In addition to the blog, there’s a lot of stuff that you’ll find interesting and synergistic.

@IC-Clearly Once you click student login you are on an entirely separate site for the support forum. https://courses.endmyopia.org/login/

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IC-Clearly can you please share a link to the “astigmatism practice thing” you mention? I too am working on reducing CYL. Started at -1.25. Went to 0 for up close but having trouble with the distance. Thanks!

Update on this whole topic:

Still on the big list here. About to be back in the jungle, first order of business is doing some more testing on bandwidth (it’s all phone Internet and I’ve never tried video chat there) and how to format some chats, and getting it into the rotation of things to do.

Really super excited about the chance for some one on one talk, just hang tight while as usual it takes me forever to get things done. :smiley:


I’m in Jake’s paid program so it was probably in Day 70-something or higher up. I don’t remember. I also don’t know if this is considered “advanced” and not in the regular blog.

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Update on this one:

@Laurens and I did some testing, and it seems that even over a cellular connection we managed some semi usable video.

So I’m going to block off Wednesdays to try some of these chats with you guys.

My thoughts on process: We’ll have our discussion via https://zoom.us app and if you agree that it looks good and ok to share, we’ll put it online. Content general outline will be talking about your gains, noteworthy experiences, why you’re doing it, challenges, and a bit of feedback and help from me if you have specific questions.

I don’t think this will set the world on fire in any way - but I’d like to invest a bit of time to connect with you a bit more personally than just typey-type-type on a screen. Give it a chance to see how others feel about it and whether it’ll make it into a regular rotation.

So … Wednesdays. I’ll be available between 7:30 AM and 6 PM GMT +0630.

Only prerequisite is that you already made some good gains so we have productive conversations points. Ideally you have a computer that can run the Zoom app - it also works on phones though there we are a bit limited on local recording of high quality video (fine though as well, a bit of trying things out).


Update: 7AM TO 9AM Wednesday slot snagged by a podcast. :wink: Otherwise will still be available the rest of the day!

I like this idea. I’ve only just started with this journey so I will touch base with you when I get some more updated results for you.


How should we set this up if we want to do it. Request a time here?

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@MattE Yea that’ll work. I haven’t really worked out a system yet, my vaguest plan is to see if we can make a few happen, how that fits in with schedules, how people like it. And then if it takes off come up with some scheduling solutions.

Cool - 20 - 30 minutes, I could do 10:30 to 12:30 GMT (I’m on EST, so it should be 4 hours later here) this Wednesday.

No rush, though it’ll be fun to do.

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@MattE What’s the best way to reach you? I’ll send you a note once on site and check on Internet speed.

Email is fine, I’ll be ready at that time. Do I need to set up an account or anything?

@MattE Ran into some timing issues - managed to the podcast this morning but realizing that I need to make it Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning instead of all day Wednesday.

On the good news front the podcast is with a participant in endmyopia and was a good chat. I’ll be back in civilization next week, let’s try again then (if you happen to be around).

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No worries, I’ll see what next week’s calendar looks like. Posting a video of my own tomorrow, too, hopefully.

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Hi Jake, Is there a link to an availability calendar, or is this post 7:30 am to 6pm, your availability? Thanks!

Let’s chat via e-mail. :slight_smile:

@jakey, I would like to video chat with you when you are available. I’m available anytime central time zone US. I have a few questions regarding relaxing the eyes, I think I have a handle on it, I just want to be sure. Let me know when you are available.

@Dtnsg…Jake mentions in the opening subject post that the one-on-one video chat is an incentive for video contributors documenting their 20/20 gains. Maybe others can ask questions during a Live Chat possibly.