3 consecutive hours of no screen

Hey all.
I am curious to know about others’ experience with this topic.
Jake Steiner mentions on several occasions that in order to progress, one should go three hours, uninterrupted, without looking at any screens. Every day.

I would absolutely love to do that in an ideal world. But the reality is, for many of us, that our livelihood relies on being easy to reach on our cellphones.
I’m a freelance musician, and if I go three hours with my phone turned off, I could miss a bunch of calls or texts about potential gigs.

So, I’m wondering, is three consecutive hours of no screens really necessary? Have any of you had success in improving your eyesight without this daily commitment to three consecutive hours of no screens?


I’d say that’s probably the ideal (and not quite realistic) scenario. I’ve got an IT job and spend at least 8 hours a day for 4 days a week in front of my computer screens. And that’s just for work. On the other hand I dislike using smartphones for anything other than listening to music or eBooks… :grin: I try to get at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted outdoors distance vision (during my lunch break). And in the weekend and on Wednesdays, when I don’t have to work, I go for longer walks for 2-3 hours. With this routine I’ve managed to improve just fine so far.

I think you shouldn’t beat yourself up over looking at your phone for a few minutes at a time in between other activities that include distance vision. I think the practice of shifting your focus form near to far and vice versa is actually a good thing, since you train your accommodation that way. Just make sure you don’t get stuck staring at your phone for long periods. Try to limit it as much as possible. Like Jake says: postpone the answering of e-mails, etc. to a time when you sit in front of decent laptop or computer screen. (I do this anyway because I really hate “typing” on those tiny screen-keyboards on the phone.) And maybe instead of replying to a text or WhatsApp message on your phone you can just call the person and talk to them…


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More like a recommendation and what works for him … as per me. Check out this video

Yes! But my fastest improvement was when my screen usage was quite less

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I may have meant an hour uninterrupted and three hours at minimum total per day of generally not being screen focused. So you’ve been working all morning and now you’re taking a break. That break should really not involve screen glancing for an hour or so - which if that’s not feasible because social media, could be worth a bit of evaluating.

And if in 24 hours we don’t get three hours total of not doing screen things (yea sure a bit something may come up, it’s not like we’re monks), then also maybe worth thinking how much fun life really is. That sounds more like voluntary prison than anything if we don’t get 12% of our day to see the world around us (for whichever reasons or purposes).


I feel like I can get 3 hours away from screens by doing things around the house, having a morning and nighttime skincare routine