3 metre eye chart

Hi endmyopians!

I do have 1 type of 3m Snellen in PDF but it would be great to get another 3 m eye chart or maybe someone has it in rtf format so that i could change it in Microsoft word.

A bit of a change to my Snellen would be nice.

I could find just one on Jake’s site and then another one for the kids. But i would like to get one with letters.



Find eye charts links on Snellen chart - EndMyopia Wiki

Viceroy Sam - thank you but that 3 metre Chart over there which starts with the letter “E” is the one I have already. I need another one, 3 metre eye chart which I could use.

Now I could probably create one myself, but Im not sure if I could edit a document that is in PDF? Is there such function in Acrobat reader? Because then I could change it, I would leave the font the size it is and just exchange the letters.

I have never changed a PDF file, so I dont know if that is possible.

I read in some forums that users even changed Snellen letters for their kids, to make sure the kids do not remember the lines. I would like to change it as well, I tried to do it in Word and it did not work out.

Also if you want to edit a PDF checkout 4 Ways to Edit a PDF File - wikiHow option two looks good.

oh thank you so much for that perfect eye chart!

I also read the 4 ways how to edit PDF and it did not work out on my Microsoft word. Then my husband helped me and changed my Snellen in Photoshop but it took him a while.

But this new Snellen from you is great!