30 Days = 130.000 Website Sessions

Numbers aren’t everything. Or maybe anything. I’d rather read one great parent story of reversing the myopia trend for their child, than looking at stats of 100.000 unknown readers on endmyopia.org.

And yet, the numbers are kind of staggering.


Where’s all this going?!

Almost 99.000 site visitors in any single recent 30 day period. That’s well over a million site visitors a year. A wee (not actual) guru brain doesn’t even really understand how to put that in a tangible context - other than maybe holy sh*t maybe we need to tone down the ranting and terrible Photoshops and give people some space to explore endmyopia without having to put up with all of that?

(no not really … THE RANTS SHALL CONTINUE! :joy:)


Are those all independent computers, or could some be the same ones visiting multiple times?

Also, I will say when I search for things about myopia, such as “myopia diopter”, endmyopia is right near the top of the search results. That has to be getting people’s attention.

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Love it, Jake! I want Endmyopia knowledge to be so widespread that the lens sellers have to fall in line with the new world order of fixing refractive “error” instead of accepting artificial focal planes. And not be able to lead people astray with increasing diopters. (Makes me sound crazy. I know)

And I would really like it if LASIK procedures faded away due to general knowledge about unacceptable side effects and safe, natural alternative options like the amazing eye guru’s educational program!