4 months and no improvements, please help!

Hey guys!

So I found Endmyopia around 5-6 months ago and I was so excited, I started learning and planning everything and around 4 months ago I started my journey.

As of now I haven’t gotten the slightest improvement, and even though I am a bit discouraged, I would like to give it another go, since I still believe in it

So I think my problem may be my starting prescription, since I am not sure how many diopters I had (or have), let me explain:

  1. My current glasses are -6.5 / -5.5 SPH (and -0.5CYL both), and I can see very far away perfectly (tested by myself and an optometrist)
  2. I went to take two eye tests: one came back and -7.5 and -6.5 (with -0.5 CYL) but since I was not convinced (I could see perfectly with current glasses), I went to take another one and the optometrist told me that I had some kind of adaptation (maybe he meant blur adaptation) and that I should keep wearing my glasses, but that my prescription on paper was -7.5 and -6.5 (with -0.5 CYL)
  3. When checking my eyesight with a book, I get around -6 and -5
  4. When checking my eyesight with a book but using my differentials, to make it more accurate since I have high myopia, I get around -7.25 and -6.25

Then I started my journey assuming my prescription was -6.5 and -5.5 (since I could see completely clear with those glasses), and got myself a pair of -5.25 and -4.25 differentials. But they were not strong enough so I switched to -5.5 and -4.5, I struggled a bit, but everything seemed almost clear so I kept using them until now

Also, I must say I am a software engineer and social media manager, so I struggled a lot reducing close up time. But in the end I found ways to reduce phone time and to take lots of breaks during the day. I get some distance vision every day and I have been practicing active focus a lot and still cannot control it completely

What would you guys do in my situation? Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot for reading my post


A few questions:

  1. Where do you practice Active Focus (distance or near)? With or without glasses?
  2. How are you measuring progress? Do you keep cm logs or keep track with eye chart?

How much is some, in hours? And what sort of activities?

It’s almost impossible to improve without adequate distance vision time. :wink:


Look up vertex distance on Wikipedia and you will understand why you get different measurements to the naked eye and with glasses

Plus of course measurement error


all you need is distance active focus time so you can clear up blurry text at the distance.

For me the only way to do this without “wasting time for vision improvement”,
is using a big TV as the computer screen.

It would also work with printed text on paper on a wall, but it would be very boring to look at text on a wall for 3 hours.

Active focus is just blinking to refocus on the text. It works best with big text, because you can focus on it very easy. The longer you look at blurry text and blink at it, the clearer it will get.

To be honest, I’m puzzled why you say “no improvement”

You started 4 month ago.
Your double confirmed opto full prescription is -7.5 and -6.5 (with -0.5 CYL).
You are wearing -6.5 / -5.5 glasses and can see very far away perfectly (tested by yourself and an opto)

As @Lajos noted -6.5 / 5.5 glasses equal -6 / -5 in contacts or in uncorrected eye measurement, i.e. checking with a book without wearing glasses. Note: this conversion is given with about 13 mm allowed for the glasses from the eye.
More on vertex here

So I’m struggling to understand why you call this a no improvement after 4 months?
You must have done something well to achieve opto confirmed good vision with 1 diopter lower glasses??

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Thanks for your answer! I started using a book for active focus, but found it kind of boring so now I switched to some trees in the far distance

Thanks for your answer Jake!

So most days I think it is between 1 and 2 hours:

  • 45minute walk by myself
  • Around 20 min walk with my god
  • Gym/running, which I do every other day, for 60 minutes

Do you think my lens choice may have been the error? Should I switch to higher prescription?

I see, so the one without glasses should be more correct?

I am still concerned that the one with glasses is closer to the prescription of the optometrist though

Thanks! I will try using a big TV and see if I can make more improvements

Thanks for your answer!

So maybe my post is a bit confusing, but the measurements of -7.5 / -6.5 and -6.5 / -5.5 were both before starting Endmyopia

I’ve kept measuring myself a couple times a week and it hasn’t moved at all from my initial assessment, that’s what I mean as no progress

Are you working at the edge of clarity when in front of the monitor in your differentials?
Edge of clarity = the very last point before it becomes blurry, the last point when it is not yet affecting your ability to do your work.
Are you challenging yourself to push that by a few cms whenever your eyes allow without losing the clarity needed for work?

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No, not “more correct”. It is simply the case that a lens acts more powerful when closer to the eye. So what is correct for glasses is not correct for contacts and vice-versa.

When you measure without glasses to the eye you are measuring what your contact lens prescription would be.

The optometrist uses some NON-ZERO vertex distance (typically 10mm or 12mm) so of course the one with glasses is closer to what the optometrist measures

I tried different glasses (1 diopter less, 1.25 diopters less…) and the ones I have now is the least diopters I can work with. Even at the start I got some headaches and it was hard to work

Okay, what about me seeing completely clear with 1 diopter less than what I got on the eye test? Is it possible that I am blur adapted and that’s why I am not making progress?

I am trying to find what I am doing wrong here, I think I should have got at least a minor improvement after these months

well “seeing clearly” is also not an absolute measure :slight_smile: optometrists usually correct you to have good night vision and some even add 0.25 D on top of that!

so if you are checking your clear vision outside in broad daylight it might occur that you can see 20/20 with 1D less in glasses (but not in contacts where a 1D reduction has a greater effect, see vertex distance) because the opto corrected you to 20/15 or 20/13 vision at night with bad lighting conditions


Active Focusing in distances is best. But it can be hard to tell if you’re doing it correctly if you just rely on trees. Text is the best way to judge if Active Focus is working (which is why Jake always give examples on reading car plates from afar.)

You might feel the trees getting “sharp” but it doesn’t mean it’s clearer. Sometimes I feel and sharpness on what I see, but later in I realized it was just double vision kicking in.

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So should I bump up my differentials or normalized?? Not sure what to do to start progressing

Yes that surely makes sense, will try to check with car plates. I still feel I should have made some progress (ciliary spasm, …)

If you’ve been using differentials for close-up work where you were previously using full prescription and the differentials are at least 1D weaker, you should see at least a bit of improvement. Like 0.5D or something. How do you know you have not improved? cm measurement or checking the snellen chart?

Have you managed to active focus yet? Nothing dramatic just blinking, staring in a relaxed way at something slightly blurry and it becomes a bit clearer