670k Insta Followers: Dr. Jen Fit's Podcast

You know where this is going, by the title.

Yes, more podcasts. Plots are very slowly thickening, more conversations are transpiring, not letting this whole out talking-to-people thing become neglected entirely.

I still have to talk myself into not ghosting, before every one of these. :joy:

This episode is interesting since for one it was a good chat, but also those guys are pretty serious about their social media and fitness and cultivating an interested and active audience.


Just imagine if instead of Jakey we had this sort of stewardship!

(and then forget about it right away)

Here’s the episode.


No, the podcast is here:


Well, it’s going to the site for reminders of related links and all the whatnots. :wink:

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One of my favourite podcast of yours, Jake👍. You covered all the basics. The interviewers did a good job of listening and asking the right questions.

A great listen! Shared! Hope the guy gets on the program and reverses his -2