7 Day Email - could be easier to find


I have had a couple of people ask me about EndMyopia and I would love to be able to send them a link that leads them more directly to the sign-up section for the emails.

If you land on the homepage (https://endmyopia.org/) you need to scroll all the way to the bottom before you are offered to sign up for the emails, which you may not reach if you click any of the buttons prior to that.

Visiting the page with the eyes of a newbie, I see “take the quiz”. I take the quiz. And I end up on a page with some info and then loads of relevant podcasts that keep multiplying as I scroll down.
It makes it very easy never to find the email sign-up link.

Could the email sign-up link be:
A) visible up top,
B) maybe even as a pop up (I know, pop ups suck), or
C) in the menu on the top right, or
D) under “vision courses” (would be great for people to be like “ooh! A FREE one! Yes please!”), or
E) up top straight after taking the quiz? Or
F) All of the above?

It seems like one step too many, when people ask for where to go to find out about this thing, for me to not only say “go here” but then to ALSO say “and scroll to the bottom of the page”.
I know it isn’t really that much more work, but it is one more instruction, one more piece of information, so one more friction point for a mildly interested party who doesn’t even know if going to the website at all is a waste of their time to commit to undertaking.

Easy said. I know my simple suggestion would make hours of labour to implement. Just reckon it may be worth it.


Oh man, yes to this!!! I remember when I found endmyopia the first time I was sure it was like all the repackaged Bates sales pitches I had seen. I was pleasantly surprised to see the free sign up at the bottom, instead of the “limited time reduced price…” but I totally think leading with it would be better over all. Like sign up here, and while you wait the 10-20 minutes to go check for your first email, explore this page.


Even those websites trying really hard to to get you to sign up to their (only $199!) program have “sign up now” buttons all through the website. Then you keep scrolling, and there is another one. And another one. When you have piqued the interest enough to get the sign up, the option has to be RIGHT there. They may be interested enough to give it a go, but possibly not interested enough to make an effort to hunt a sign up section down.

I for one would really like people to sign up, because it could change their life for the absolute better.


Absolutely second this one!
I remember how I dropped jake a line when I’d found EM, the start here button was hardly visible. He changed it immediately, thanks again jake!

But no it’s back to hard to find.
You could add it under free courses. And on top. And everywhere :joy::+1:t2:

People just are different. Some love a quiz, others hate it. Some love an email sign up, others fear their data.

Still, the 7 day course is amazing :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::+1:t2:
So don’t hide it!


Also agree and was going to make a post on this!

Have made a wiki page with no where to link to. At least people can watch @gemilymez video for how to find it.



I also would love to have a more direct link to pass on to friends.

I would love for this to be reconsidered. I can text or email a link to a friend easily to get them to sign up at least for the 7 day email.

After that, they can make an informed choice to research more or not.


I can’t find the email guide anywhere now. Anybody know where it was moved to?

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at the bottom of this page


Thanks. Jake said there is something about the site now that makes it so the link is not on the bottom of the first page (like I have always sent people to in the past, but couldn’t find today) for people who have signed up before.

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