70% Better Eyesight In 18 Months? (-5.25 To -1.50)

Finally had another Shortsighted Podcast episode:

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Lots to unpack in this one, a huge amount of progress in a short period of time.

Invariably posting these experiences are not a great idea since they lead to all sorts of undue reductions by newbies with screen addictions and no outdoor hobbies. And then later it being piles of annoyed e-mails to me about double vision and how it all didn’t work.

Oh well. They’ll do it anyway.

At least that’ll teach them what happens when you take advice from a clearly dubious eye guru self-proclaimed character on the Internet.


Awesome! Off to watch it now …

Edit: it was a superb podcast. A treasure trove of information. Like the one with Greg, where you shared last diopter tips.

Liked the way Dan “interviewed” you in this one :grin::+1:


Yes, how dare they.

This is an impenetrably mysterious beard and no questions shall be put before its unyielding glory.


That could mean a bit of marketing. I’d really count only “true” diopters, omitting any overcorrection.
I can wear “optometrist” prescribed -20 glasses and say that I’m now at -10 in 1 month… No much honest speech.

That’s how books have titles and articles have headlines.

Not even clickbait. I’m literally quoting where he started and where he is at now. His words, his diopters. If that makes you curious and it seems unlikely, you listen to it and you get the full picture. More to the story and you hopefully leave knowing more than you came in with. Fun for all.


timestamps up
70% Better Eyesight In 18 Months?! (Dan: -5.25 To -1.50) | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube


Best comment :rofl:
Ben: Does face palming work better than regular palming after I get sucked into too much screen time and my eyes hurt? haha
Jake: I face palm a lot reading comments. Eyes seem unaffected.


You’re the greatest.



I liked this episode because it hit so well on double vision and we didn’t have an episode that does that as well, plus you said more episodes to come :grin:
That said this guy was seriously distracted though, so not the highest quality interview from that standpoint, but it was shorter so that helps.
I found it… interesting that he has come so far and didn’t seem to know about ocular dominance, but maybe just as well that it got touched on, since it comes up a lot.
I was honestly surprised that you (@jakey) gave him an ok on using active focus on the chart, I have long had a very different impression on measuring…

By my understanding after listening I would probably peg this guy is actually closer to -2.25 maybe a bit more in opto standard. Not bad by gainz standard certainly; but I think he maybe misrepresenting his progress a bit, including to himself.

I was thinking that same!! :joy: especially after skimming the other comments, yikes! Oh and got some pretty serious advice to minor stuff going on in there. Plus that opto troll :frowning:

I’ve been looking forward to a new podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! It touches on many things I’ve been thinking about myself lately.

I can totally relate to this tendency to move forward faster that advised, because I too get impatient after having spent an amount of time with a pair of normalized. I haven’t been able to stick with a pair of normalized for 3 months yet… :blush:

As I wrote in this post (not the main one, but the comment) I recently made another reduction and it was again way ahead of schedule. This was a mere 10 days ago. And to my utter astonishment I found my vision today to be better than ever. :partying_face: During my walk I could see clearly for several kilometers, or so it seemed. There also was absolutely no double vision. And it wasn’t even sunny weather! It’s just unbelievable! :exploding_head: Even my (weaker) right eye would only have a hint of blur. Of course I had to check my measurements right away… And my Snellen and cm measurements both confirm the improvement:

R: 20/25, L: 20/15, Both: 20/15

R: 40, L: 47 (that’s 4 cm more for both eyes in 10 days)

I had a similar (but not quite as drastic) experience after my previous reduction. In both cases before the reduction the right eye would lag behind and hardly seemed to make any more progress. And on some days there would be some double vision (but never really annoying or unmanageable). But in both instances I saw a big improvement very soon after the reduction. It’s like my eyes were just waiting to get that bigger challenge, before getting to work. So should I be worried about having to pay the price for this impatience later down the road, @jakey? I get that you should not reduce when you’re plagued by nasty double vision issues, but I feel that in my case the double vision was never really an issue. Yes I’d notice if from time to time on days when my vision was a bit worse, but it was always manageable. And now it’s just this huge leap forward, where I see better with my new normalized that I ever did with the previous ones. And as I’m writing this, I suddenly realize I’m doing it without my differentials! So, if this improvement lasts, I might be tempted to make yet another reduction soon. :crazy_face: But then I don’t want to fall in the trap mentioned in this episode of the podcast, where I might suddenly find myself in a position where it’s nearly impossible to improve any further. On the other hand, I don’t think sticking with a pair of normalized for another 2 months when you can already see perfectly with them, will be of much use…

Anyway, for now I’ll just take it easy for a while, to see whether this is indeed a lasting improvement. I guess there’s also something to be said for just enjoying the clarity for a while before moving on again.

BTW, it was indeed hilarious how your roles kind of reversed halfway through the podcast, and it seemed as though he was the host of the show, and you the honored guest! “One more question, then I’ll let your go.”… LMAO :rofl:

Yea for real. :anguished:

As long as he’s on track …

100%. Just made a Daily Beard to expand on that.

Yay for me not seeing most of the comments, I guess. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Should we have comments turned off?

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Some comments on the last podcast episode:


Irony …

(Comments bonanza OR research for one may not be research for another)

And miss out on the entertainment? Nooooooo

The ‘Dan’ video may have been ‘controversial’ (for want of a better word) because no one could see him, perhaps? On Spotify people expect to hear; YouTube see for oneself? 30 minutes of the sagely beard on screen could/ may have been too much for some :woman_shrugging: … some lip/ eye exerci … um… movements next time?


I would say no, but idk it that is my bias or not, I hate when channels have their comments turned off. Plus the comments leave room for both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between. So probably leave it I would think, YouTube comments aren’t even worth policing for the most part in my opinion. Also this:



I suppose, people do what they do anyways but my perfectionist always wants to lead the horse to water at least and then see if they drink. AF during measurements is like the number one cause of early reduction, but I totally get that you are likely sick to death of setting people straight. And you did strongly advise him to be sure real world application lined up with his perception of how well his correction was working out.

If I spent any time actually looking at it, would certainly agree, some of that beautiful scenery Jake is usually surrounded by though… I would be tempted to look much more :smiley:


I love this daily beard though!! So many great points. :thinking: Kind of wish it was tacked onto the end of the podcast episode too, that way people would get your notes when they listen the podcast moving forward…


That could have been a language thing for this French-speaker. I’d hate to have to spar with Jakey about EM in French!

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He lives in New York, and while quite distracted through the interview I didn’t get the impression he wasn’t fairly fluent in English, but who can say I guess it’s possible, But still, ocular dominance comes up frequently, usually in the first few months, by 18 months in, it seems one would be aware of the normal phenomenon. That is why it struck me as odd.

Well, I live in Barcelona and people think I’m comfortable with Catalan, but I’d hate to have to discuss EM in a live interview in Catalan or Spanish.


Jakey has never insisted that everybody has the same progress by exactly the same regimented procedures. You are the one who has to live with your eyes and brain. Nobody else (which is why we have to strive to be perfectly honest with ourselves, which your self-questioning above implied that you do).

In our midst here, were have the Puritans and the Cavaliers, the John Calvins and the Pope Francises, the Precisionists and the Latitudinarians—and they give conflicting advice based on their own experience and personalities. Then we have you with your eyes and brain, me with mine. We all share a lot of things, but we are also all different.

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