8 glasses from 20/20

So far I have reduced from -3.00 -2.25 -.50 to -2.25 -1.75 -.50

It has taken about 3 weeks for my left eye to begin to start engaging in good active focus and clear up. This seems to be the amount of time my eyes go through the new lowers struggle. My cm readings are showing good progress on the left at 42cm and a little up and down at the right 50 to 57 cm

But I mapped out a plan for my reductions. My left needs to come down to equalize and I didnt want to keep my right in the same dioptor for 3 left eye reductions so I figured out that I can reduce the cyl by .25 while still reducing the left sph .25 so I will end up with 1.50 each eye no cyl.

Back when Jake put out the make goals video I made 4 goals. As I was mapping out my plan I looked at the notebook and came across those goals and I was able to check off each 1. So I made 4 more goals. I haven’t set any time limits on my reductions just the goal of seeing 20/10 for a consistent amount of time before I reduce.

Just wanted to share some of my progress and leave a place for myself to remind me where I am at. Especially now that it is October and it always seems like the new year is here before you know it. So many holidays and things to keep tract of at the end of the year. It can fly by quickly.


Went to town for some needed supplies… lol I sound like some 1800s pioneer… I decided to wear my last diopter which made my eyes feel over " prescribed" and I couldn’t wait to get home to ok take them off.

My left eye is staring to see clear almost all the time now with -2.25 Getting closer to the right at -1.75 is very exciting. Light is still impacting my quality but I am only at the 3 weeks mark. And I have my next pair of Zennis ordered so I still have time to wait for the next reduction where I will reduce my cyl by .25 and the left eye sph .25

That is going to remove a full diopter from my left eye. I can hardly even believe it. And just 1 dioptor makes a big difference in what I can see without glasses. I could make out the letters on the street sign with my left eye. I couldn’t even tell there were letters with that eye before and I could barely make out any letters with both eyes before. Now I actually can read the street signs without glasses. I’m glad my dioptors started low but hope everyone keeps working at it because seeing beyond your hand is a great feeling.


Got my new Zennis today. Not ready to start another reduction yet but it has only been 4 weeks on the left eye. So next reduction will be -2.00 -1.75 -.25 cyl I had a great improvement in clarity and little challenge when driving at night. This was a great day.

Started the morning by looking at the stars and seeing them much more clear Looked like 20/20. Any time I closed the right eye I was able to blink and get the left to clear up. Had a bit of a challenge with the setting sun and some uncomfortable pain over my left eye. Sunglasses fell between the seats. But over all this did not impede my focus much and I was able to drive home with little disturbance to the visual acuity.

Super excited to go to the next lower because the pair I am using now is very loose. But I will maintain until I am able to get perfect clarity on the 20/15 line and drive at night or see at night without a lose of acuity.

Side note, mosquitoes are pesky and cause me a great deal of pain but now even without my glasses I am able to see and track them. That is a great deal of excitement for me because they really like to sting me over everyone else.


On Zennis: My first zennis didn’t last long, either, but the others seem to be hanging in there.

I’m trying a new model next time (in clear). I hope it makes it for the six to eight weeks I plan to use them.

Yes this was a pair I used before were I did lens swaps but I still have the super duper 200+ glasses o never wore because they fell of my face when I would lean forward. Even after getting the adjusted at the opto… ugh the frustration. At least the zennis dont fall off, even with numerous putting them on my head opposite of reading glasses lol

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Feeling great to be outside again. Had a horrible reaction to ant bites… a 1 for the books reaction. But the funny thing is I didn’t want to miss work because I would be stuck inside dealing with this reaction instead of outside at work! Always feels like 1 day inside takes 2 days outside to reverse the struggle… but you just cant beat the sunny days!

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I do not plan to reduce my glasses until after Nov. 11 and this will give me 2 months in the -2.25 L -1.75 -.50 R So yesterday I had the opportunity to just sit in 1 place outside and I decided to not wear my glasses for most the day just to see how clear things were with my bare eyes.
I was amazed at how much better my eyes were seeing and I didnt know a huge difference in my left v right viewing. This was the best part because I could fully tell that the left is getting actual improvement. And when I did put my glasses back on I had no blur in either eye.
Only problem was when I started driving and then my perfect eyesight diminished and I began to struggle again. I am trying to figure out how to remedy this. I tried so slow breathing to relax myself and after getting my son at the sitters I began to clear things up and the driving wasnt as bad. But still not perfect.
These moments happen frequently now and although I get really frustrated with it I know it means I am not close to decreasing. That part really messes with the brain and eye connection. But by night fall I was still able to see the stars relatively crisp.
In the morning when I go to brush my teeth there are all my bottles of toothpaste and cleaning stuff and I just look at how clear they have become. The font has to be smaller than 6 I haven’t measured the distance yet but I know I couldn’t read those things before. I dont actually read them I just look at the letters I can see, they are just boring ingredients lol, so I just like to look and clear up the blur. And this is all without glasses.

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So things were going great then some curve balls were thrown at me. It appears that dusk is really giving me a challenge perhaps the sun filtering or just the position that I didn’t have to deal with in summer. All things said I still feel ok most days but I am needing to work harder at keep my strain from happening.
The days when I see really good and then I am hit with a sudden strain are something I am trying to work out. I lose clarity in a way that is fuzzy instead of just undefined. More like my glasses are smudged. I constantly check this and clean my glasses but in retrospect I feel that it shouldn’t make both of my eyes lose focus.
Had a day at work, after my 2 days off, stuck inside with computers in a dark room. I attempted to use a pair of .50 lower glasses as differentials because I also need to see monitors about 12 feet away. There was no way to see the monitors close enough to not use glasses. This ended up being a really big challenge and caused a ton of stress and strain. Note to self this didn’t work.
But now back outside again and happy for the sun. Also very telling how others working in similar conditions would be greatly challenged in attempting endmyopia. But I am also needing to clear up some of the discomfort in my trouble eye, L. So my goal for now is defining what habit helps with this strain and maybe trying something other than forcing my eye to just deal with it… I just struggle when 3 days go by and stars look great. Then street signs are fuzzy… feels like jeckle and hyde

Last night I went ahead and wore my glasses for night time driving. They are .25 stronger for each eye. Felt like wearing magnifying glasses. But this morning despite having a headache and stomach upset I am seeing great in each eye with my current normals. I did a check on the eye chart and finally saw the Q and G lines, they barely show up. I didn’t want to test both eyes seperate because I knew I was seeing it more clear through my left and I just wanted it to be a beautiful thing, not a test.
So now that November is approaching I am feeling good about the next drop. But of course I want to see clear at night before I make the next change. Although the other glasses felt like I was wearing magnifying glasses I think they helped my brain want that clearer picture. Or perhaps feeling I’ll makes eyesight better. Ha ha


This week has been awesome for my eyes. I am seeing really great with the left eye and feeling like the reduction should start soon. I’m not going to fast into the next reduction but it may be sooner than 3 months. The right eye is feeling a sting at times like it is tired of the astigmatism correction. I will be able to get a lot of time at work down by the river and this let’s me go without my glasses. Yesterday I had so much clarity without my glasses it felt like I didnt hardly need them. I also went for a drive at night and the signs were nearly clear, it felt pretty good. I prefer to have the night time vision clear up before the next reduction but as of right now I have less fluctuations than before. Things feel like they are stabilizing. I feel this is an important part to knowing when to reduce.
I have figured out how to replace the words I cant wait, instead I say I am thrilled. Ha ha little things we do. I still have to tell myself that this means I will actually go without glasses. It seems like an impossibility my brain still tries to trick me. Even when I see without them. I dont measure cm by actual measuring tape all the time I use my arms length. In full sun my left is nearly at an arms length away and my right is beyond arms length.


Wow a whole month has gone by since starting this post. My left eye is getting really consistent clarity. My night time driving is great in the morning with a bit of challenge at evening. Overall I have very little difference between the 2 eyes when wearing glasses and closing the other.
Still not excited to start over with a new lower because the clarity feels great but thrilled to be seeing better even without glasses. Not sure yet if my reduction will be in mid Nov. Or Dec. but I am still 10 days from 2 months on my left eye reduction. So I dont want to drop lower and struggle because it was too quick. But for sure my right eye is not happy with the constant dioptor so I dont want to keep it in waiting much longer. Still trying to get myself to realize I won’t need glasses. What a great feeling.


Plus I forgot to add that while talking to my sister I found out her and my nephew were prescribed lenses but they never wear them. She had contacts at -.50 and she couldn’t wear them because they gave her a migraine. So I gave her tips on how to find active focus and to take breaks by looking outside at work. So I will add that to my little updates too.


I tried to introduce the concept of active focus to my uncle- he wears glasses even though his myopia is less than -1.00 (but he also has to use them for close-up because of age).

Yep with such a low dioptor it is even more upsetting to know people may end up making things worse by wearing glasses. There was an old family photo I saw of my great aunts and none of them were wearing glasses as adults. But everyone in my family went to an eye doctor at some point in time in their life and were told they needed glasses.

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So this evening I drove home in my normalized I didnt feel I needed my plus .25 for driving. All the lights were intense and the color was intense like it was just last week when i did wear my driving glasses. I still had an edge of blur on text but I experienced the same intensity that I did last week with the driving pair. I keep telling myself to hold off till at least mid Nov. But I feel like my normalized are getting too strong.
Been having pain over my eye most the week. It feels like it is from my glasses but I am not sure. I tried my next lower pair on when I got home and this felt a bit better. Feeling like Goldilocks without Baby bears just right pair of glasses.


@Jenn Sounds like overall you’re doing great. But pain is not part of the program, so if that persists you’ve likely got an indication that you need to adjust course going forward.

Best wishes.

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Yeah I tried an experiment today and it may be a supplement I am taking not sure yet. Going to not use it for a few days and see what happens. I am also feeling really good about the next lowers my evenings for the last couple of days I have tried the next drop down and it is making me feel pretty good about it. I did not have any issue today with the pain over my eyes so I decided to see what an evening after work would be like in the next pair. I have to say n.v it was awesome I did have blur challenge but it did not feel like too much blur and the stars and moon still look bright. What a great feeling!

My left cm reading was 46 so I am near the end if the 2.25 range. But after wearing the next pair down I decided I wasnt quite ready for it. Plus there are some important events coming up that I dont want to deal with starting the blur cycle yet. So I am resolved that a week or 2 is the best way to go forward.
Still having the left eye getting closer to the same dioptor as the right is a very good feeling. The .75 difference was very disorenting… so if I never reached 20/20 I would be happier at bino vision. Of course I am still going for 20/20


Strange this happened. My left eye lid started a twitch 3 days ago. It is off and on all day long. Making me crazy. I have no idea what brought this on.

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