A 90-year old piece of myopia reversal history

Hi there fellow Meowers,

It so happens that the great grandchild of Dr. Snellen (yes, that Dr. Snellen) is a patient of mine and handed me this book by Dr. Harry Benjamin recently:

It’s really amazing to read. It was first published in 1929, this guy improved his myopia from -20 with -3 cyl to somewhere around -2 to -3 dpt sph… Good food, fasting, taking cold showers, only eating something made from grains once a day (and it had to be whole grain), low sugar and starch, improved on bates, sometimes reduced lenses, pushing focus and rudimentary active focus are already utilized in this guide. This book is kind of a proto-endmyopia book. Much less elaborate of course and totally lacking any science in that day and age, but it’s really an awesome piece of work. There is so much sensible stuff in there and this is 90 years old, can you imagine that?

It’s a great read and humbling to see how some holistic and natural doctors where way ahead of their time.


That’s neat, Laurens! Page 34 onwards:

Having furnished the patient with suitable glasses, the eye specialist considers that he has done everything that lies within his power to cope with the defective eye condition-and so he has; but a moment’s reflection will show that by enabling the wearer to see more clearly than formerly by their aid, and so leading him to conclude that his defect is overcome, spectacles lull the sufferer from defective vision into a state of false satisfaction.
and it is only after wearing spectacles for years, and having to change them more and more frequently for stronger ones, that the truth is borne in upon him that, instead of improving his eyes, the constant wearing of spectacles has in fact made them worse, and will continue to do so.


Yes, here is the starting prescription from the book.

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