A Blur Adapted Idiot Made Progress

How and Why I’m Here

Went through Jake’s 7-day guide e-mail and on the 8th day I received an e-mail about his 50% discount on the paid program. So I decided the whole thing was clickbait. I remember thinking, “Dude has good marketing strategy; attract interested readers, reel them in, and when the victim is invested enough, sell the damn stuff that might not even work at all. I’m not an idiot, so this is bye-bye.” YEAH WHAT AN IDIOT I WAS, BYE-BYE EYEBALLS. :sob:

Stumbled upon Todd Becker’s video which led me to Jake’s videos. The beloved guru was trash-talking the optometry industry 98% of the time and gave 2% EM content I couldn’t even make sense of. Only 2 things kept me watching some more videos: the guru’s good looks and tons of comments saying the method works.

At that time, my anxiety issues were silently destroying my life. It was when I saw the videos about myopia possibly linked to anxiety and even depression that got me to take EM seriously. I wholeheartedly believed, this was my answer. And I have found salvation.

My Process and My Progress

2020 January:
I only wear glasses if I need to read something (be near or far) which makes me blur adapted at this point. My glasses were at -4.25 and I couldn’t even see 20/40 with those. You know what I did??? I bought normalized glasses -4 and differentials -2. :sweat_smile:

2020 March:
Of course my vision did not improve. However, the pandemic lockdown gave me so much freedom that I was able to experiment with my habits and vision response to these habits. It led me absolutely nowhere because…well I must be doing something wrong HAHA. See here: An Unintuitive Theory + Experiment: Negative Short-Term Response?

2020 June:
I started to be more consistent (weekly) in measuring my cms and Snellen clarity. I set three rules for myself (AF as much as possible, spend at least an hour outside, limit screentime from 8am to 5pm) and also recorded whether I was able to follow the rules during the week. I could only see about 20/200 or 20/100 using my -4 glasses.

2020 October:
So here is the SMALL improvement: I could see 20/50 using the -4 glasses and an improvement of 3cm using no correction lenses.
And here is the proof that I am a stubborn idiot: I bought -3.5 glasses and wore this as my normalized even though I could not see the 20/200 line clearly. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

2021 January:
I only have 1.5 cm improvement since October. And well, I just got my Le Meow 1st anniversary badge! Though I stubbornly ignore good advice and will continue to do so, I still got this far (well not really far) and because of possible change of career soon, I might have less freedom to execute EM habits, but I certainly will do my best to follow EM as it changed my life. Thank you Jake, and all his wonderful volunteers and followers who continue to inspire people like me.


Well we all have success stories and mistakes but follow the guides and it works! No money down


Great work!

I’ve got some a question on your blur adaptation.

So would you say that your blur adapation was mostly your stubborness not to acknowledge the blur, or were you able to read the snellen easily but with just alot of blur tolerance?

I ask because there’s alot of discussion around EM’s definition and the opthamological definition of blur adaptation?

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It’s the first one: I am stubborn not to acknowledge the blur. I was mostly okay to be “blind” most of the time except when I have to read something. I have less tolerance now that I have to AF, but I still don’t wear glasses all the time.


cool. yeh very interesting.

I personally think I went through number one. But I’m also contientious of the second one too.

I think this also is linked to eye ‘stability’. What I mean by this is that I’ve found, and EM suggests, that it takes a while for your eyes to ‘settle in’ to a new diopter (4-6 week). I’ve found that I’ll be able to reach 20/20 vision in a new set of diopters in 2-3 weeks. BUT my eyes aren’t settled, they’re still jumping around alot. It then takes another few weeks/months for them to really become ‘stable’ and I feel really comfortable in that set of diopters. Only after that, should I start thinking about reducing again.

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Nice update! Also ignoring good advice, nothing wrong with that. At least you know where to find it.


EM rite of passage. :upside_down_face:


This may be the crucial difference between making good progress in spite of blur tolerance, and making little progress. This is from one clinically blur adapted and consciously blur tolerant idiot to another. :grin: I have never denied the blur but chose it over having to wear glasses.
@Alexbreedon1111 There is an important difference between the two conditions, as clinical blur adaptation allows one to read a little further on the Snellen without actual change in refraction, and blur tolerance does not. I benefit from both, enabling me to function pretty well without any correction. Paying close attention to the blur and intending to clear it is what enabled me to improve in ‘commando’ mode with only very occasional use of my 13 pairs of reduced glasses for an occasional reference to clarity, and initially for driving.

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I completely get you, and I understand the benefits of this as well. But as someone who also doesn’t like to wear glasses, I find it exhausting to always acknowledge the blur.
I think with my personality, either a.) I find a way to accept wearing glasses and get rid of my blur tolerance or b.) Get rid of the glasses and accept the blur.
I’m not yet in a stage where I can c.) Get rid of both the glasses and the blur tolerance.

But as you can see with my progress so far, this is going to be a long journey for me. So who knows, I might get exhausted from being stubborn as well, and be forced to change strategy!

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Of course I am not continually conscious of the blur, but pay attention to it often enough during the course of the day to remind myself that my vision is burred after a certain distance. My changed lifestyle 32 years ago (no longer earning a living at the screen) made it much easier for me to ditch my glasses and tolerate the consequences.

Good luck on your journey.

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The title provoked me to look into this.

I hate when people call or think about themself bad just much as they call or think so about others.

I’d go for stronger glasses - I think it’s better if you only have a bit of blur. Close to 20/25 vision than 20/100 for sure :smiley:


That is very true!

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Ohhh… I wrote that title as a way of telling everyone that I do acknowledge my stubbornness (on not following EM’s highly recommended and effective advices.) Nothing more! :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t think too bad of myself. Oopsy, for unnecessarily provoking you. :sweat_smile:

Since I’ve just posted some kind of update about my teeth, I suppose I should go post an update about my eyes too :grimacing: :sweat_smile: :grimacing: despite my progress is not really in the very inspiring end of the spectrum.
2 cm-ish improvement since 4 months ago is still an uptrend, right? :wink: I don’t feel bad about the slow improvement, just a bit embarrassed to share. :sweat_smile:


Improvement is improvement! :grimacing::+1:t2: