A little light when I move my eyes

Have you guys ever experienced a little light if you tilt at its maximum your eye.
It happens to me and I’m able to notice this light ONLY in complete dark and when I strongly move my eyes. I see this light with the left eye only while tilting it down/right. The second time I make the same movement I can’t see this light anymore.
Whenever this movement is soft or slow I don’t see this light.
I can compare this light to the same light you can experience if you press an eyeball with a finger.
Eye doctor checked my eyes in September 2019 and everything was fine.

Thanks for any consideration.

you mean like a light patch appearing briefly in the middle? Yeah I also noticed this if I move my eyes quickly/strongly (as you say) from one side to the other. I assume it’s just the retina being pushed a bit by the eye’s internal matter, but I don’t really know. My retinas are also fine according to opthalmologist.

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Yes, I always have. I believe it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon of the momentary stimulation of the optic nerve. Relax (and enjoy the light show). :nerd_face:

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Yes, I get those benign flashes under exactly the same circumstances. I think it’s essentially a warning not to go past that point or move the eyes faster than that, but otherwise innocuous. Is it worse in myopic people? I don’t know. I’d rather be careful than risk retinal detachment.

I’m hoping this improves with decreasing myopia. But it’s not something I normally think about or am aware of.

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Definitely benign. :+1:t4:

Any fear factor about the retina, etc., would be unfounded. Those brief flashes are perfectly natural responses to eyeball movement within the socket at the perimeter.

You cannot hurt yourself by moving the eyeball around its natural range of motion and - as with any muscle group - use it or lose it. :muscle:t4:

Just to be clear: we’re not talking about “rollercoaster G-forces” here… we’re talking about just sitting still and moving your eyeball around to the edges of its range of natural motion.

In fact, this is a common yoga exercise many use to warm up (not to suggest that each and every yoga position is appropriate for everyone out there!).

But again, if you see momentary flashes of light when doing so under the conditions we’re talking about, then it’s just a natural phenomenon. Relax and enjoy the wonders of our physiology :wink:


I thought so too, glad that I’m not alone in this


Thank you all for your considerations.
Happy I’m not alone with my lights!!! I continue to enjoy the show @SomeGuy :wink:
Furthermore I think that this light (which in my case appears only looking down/right in my left eye) is somehow due to tight/weak/tired/malfunctioning oblique extrinsic muscle. The reason of this thought is cos when I gently insist in that position the light doesn’t appear anymore. Like any other sored muscle if you gently manipulate it you get better range of movement and less soreness.