A little update of my low myopia

Hi guys . Since November 2020 . I stopped wearing my normalized (-1) and I started to do the zero diopter reset thing that Jake talks about in the podcast with Laurens in which you practice active focus outdoors as much as you can without glasses and you wear your 20/20 glasses (-1.25 in my case ) after you had enough of active focus , at night or when you really need them for an activity . So for almost 4 months i was doing active focus without glasses I experienced a lot of clear flashes . However , the experience was weird . Sometimes ,although I didn’t do any noticeable amount of close up (i always take breaks and use computer at distance ) , I was well rested t but I couldn’t active focus there was too much blur to clear it no matter what distance outdoors I get dry eyes and watering eyes and eventually I need to wear my 20/20 glasses which was frustrating . and other times I can active focus like a champion. AND sometimes i do alot of close up as a student and then when i go outdoors where I have plenty of time before the sunset I can’t AF and I thought that it’s just ciliary spasm but even after 1 hour of walk I can’t active focus as the blur is too much . I was not measuring my eyes back then i hoped to measure them after few months just to see a big improvement which I had not . when I measured my eye i found 74 cm till blur (-1.25) it was really disappointing . I was hoping notice real improvement and I wrote a post on the facebook group nagging about how much i hate last diopter which i think was cringy . Anyways, some guys adviced me to get back to using normalised and I guess since I have only one eye (my left eye is blind) I think I was overdoing AF without glassses . SO now after two weeks of wearing my normalised -1 I noticed that i don’t sufffer from dry eyes anymore my eyes feel more comfortable i enjoy the easy peasy active focus . when i measured my eye few days ago i found 82 cm which was pretty exciting I hope that the approach of reducing normalized gradually and slowly will work for me . Thank you for reading


this is how I use my laptop.


Too much wires… I’d seek some wireless opportunities to use these.

couldn’t afford wireless devices . this was so cheap and it is managable .


I think slowing down like you did and going back to your normalise was a good move. No rush! You are clearly improving and that’s all that matters :slight_smile:


Moderation is always key with all of everything here.

People get incredibly tempted to reduce too fast, do too much, go hard and get those most possible gains.

Never works out - till we figure out there’s no forcing it. Part of the lesson is to chill out, relax, listen to the eyes (heh), make it fun and not so clenched-fist, most-go-full-power, on this one. :grimacing:

Gains will come with the relaxed approach!


Thank you Jakey :blush:

I recall your post, and that frustration. Glad to hear the change-up got you unstuck! I have had to do a few variations as well, as I am now in my last diopter of cylinder in my better eye (other eye is about 1 D behind). When I go without any correction in my dominant eye, the AF just doesn’t have the same punch as it does when I put a little bit of cylinder correction back on. Good luck, and hope to hear more about your progress as you break through the 1D barrier :slight_smile:


actually you were among the people who advised me to do few variations . I didn’t thank you yet so thank you so much <3 !