A new discovery for eye relaxation

Recently I have discovered a way that anyone can relax their eyes instantly and see better. And now, without further delay, the procedure. You look far and with your mind, you focus your attention on your retinas. Then, if anything is still out of focus, a light blink while relaxing the eyes clears up just about any size letter at any distance.


I call it: moving an image to the back of your eyes :wink:

Not sure how to focus on my retinas, but I guess the point is the same - to somehow look from the back of your eye.

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This oddly feels really good to me, seemed to release a lot of tension. This visualization sounds really Batesy to me, but this is really doing good for me, at least today.

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It’s the “breath from your eyes” trick. Basically focusing your awareness on the eyes seems to help in relaxing the ciliary muscles.
I use this method often, the hardest part is staying mindful.

It not only relaxes my eyes it also soothes my mind
Great thanks

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thanks, the relaxation part seems to work


Hi Dave, just a question. when you said “focus”, does it that I’m supposed to exert some kind of effort when feeling my retina, or do I feel aware of it? I think the latter is the answer but I’m having trouble with it as I always feel some kind of backward pressure when focusing on the retina. Thank you!

For example, you can focus your mind on your hand or gut and try to relax the area or contract the muscle, so when I say focus your mind on the retina, I am talking about bringing mental attention to the back of the eyes. It’s not looking at the back of the eyes, it’s a way of seeing completely relaxed as from the retina. I hope this clarifies my statements. I tried to put this in as simple terms as possible.


Thank you Dave! That clarified my misunderstanding! I’ve been having tired eyes for days now, so I’m guessing i’m exerting unnecessary effort in doing AF. This could help me a lot!

You’re welcome @Brentkyle54.

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I have a technique I use that I call “letting go of AF completely”. Difficult to compare different people’s feelings in the eyes, but your experience sounds similar to that. I don’t have to blink, instead what I feel is that the completely and fully relaxed eyes suddenly find the correct convergence / divergence and produce a clearer image. Can’t explain any better, I’m afraid…