A slight success after 2 months - uncorrected 2 D of astigmatism

Well, if my contact lenses aren’t worn out so they have more power now (highly doubt it), look at my routine that improved my eyesight slightly in just 2 months.

I started with
R SPH -8.00 CYL -2.50 SE -9.25
L SPH -8.50 CYL -1.50 SE -9.25

I wore SPH -7.00 CYL 0.00 as differentials.
I thought they would be for 50 cm distance, but I used them for all 60 (or even 70-75) cm distance.
I barely used to obey 20/20/20 rule, trying to fix it now.
I supposed to use -1.50 glasses as normalized (also thought to add cylinder to them), but left with differentials as normalized due to lack of organization.

Today it’s time to throw out these contacts, so I end with:
R SPH -7.75 CYL -2.25 SE -8.87
L SPH -8.25 CYL -1.50 SE -9.00

As you see, eyes reduced
R SPH +0.25 CYL +0.25 SE +0.37
L SPH +0.25 CYL 0.00 SE +0.25

Basically, 0.25 reduction achieved in 2 months.
My habits were sub-optimal on one side (no 20/20/20 rule despite tendencies to eye turn inward - this leads to high progressive myopia in a long term).
On the other side, my habits of accommodation were very well - almost no accommodated vision closer than 50 cm.


how do you know you improved that much? based on what measurement?

In these contacts before and after using them for 2 months.

Cm before
R 100 and 28
L 70 and 33

Cm after 2 mo
R 120 and 32
L 80 and 36

is that distance to spherical and directional blur?

good progress, you finally set off on the right path it seems

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I am very pleased to read of your improvements, after such a difficult start.

Sometimes lack of organisations pays off. :smile:

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Although I’m not sure I will go with contacts.

Last days I wear regular differentials. They have both sphere and cylinder.
Migration from cylinder glasses to non-cylinder contacts is a bit of strain though.
Also I can opt for toric contacts outdoors and diffs indoors.

My backup pairs of glasses are:
Diffs SPH -7.50 CYL -2.00 (also have SPH -7.00 CYL 0.00 lenses without a frame)
Norms SPH -9.00 CYL -1.50, they give me some of 20/40 for left and some of 20/30 for right. Both eyes produce 20/30 in dim tablet backlight without other lighting at all.

My eyes are still a bit unequal in terms of astigmatism (right eye astigmatism makes them not equal because right eye is 0.25-0.50 less myopic at horizontal meridian and 0.25-0.50 more myopic at vertical meridian), but equal correction is a thing I wore my entire life and I don’t see a very significant difference between vision. Yes it is present but not too much. I guess the cause is overall body asymmetry because left eye could have been moving inwards (you remember that more convergence even with one eye = more accommodation in that eye = more stimulus for myopia) too much due to teeth on left side having more height so muscles on left side of my body are tighter. As well, left palpebral elevator muscle is tighter meaning that more closed eye could have more stimulus for convergence as I have eyes turning inward by default. I had a habit of closing left eye by wink too much when seeing without correction to avoid convergence. Perhaps due to this the difference increased from 0.25 to 0.50.