A Thank you to Jake

I am now 7 months into this journey. I can see things with my bare eyes that I probably haven’t been able to since I was a child. There is such a difference in viewing the world with your own eyes than with glasses or contacts. If only there was a way to express to all those myopes that it isn’t just about not needing glasses. It gives an appreciation for even the smallest of things… like just being able to see the rocks at your feet. Or a street sign at your drive way. And soon the stars at night.
So today as I ponder all the things I have learned about my own eyes and what I appreciate, I just wanted to say a Big THANK YOU to @jakey
Please feel free to add your own appreciation and comments. 20/20 @ 2020


Hear hear!
Jake has done a great thing :+1:


Yip, nice thread there Jenn.
Thank you Jake for Endmyopia. This has been a blessing of a journey and you are a kind man to have shared what you learned. May good thing come your way.


I agree! Thanks, @jakey, for putting these resources out there, keeping the energy and momentum going! I’m sure there’s a huge, quiet audience who have benefited from your work and are grateful.

I know I am!



Thanks Jenn (and everyone). This is all only possibly with your support and contribution and being part the entire strangeness that is talking about this mysterious genetic condition. :wink:


Hey Jenn
I am glad that you were able to bring such a change in your life.
I would like to contact you in person to know of your journey if you are OK with that.

You can send personal message