A Whole Family Making All The 20/20 Gains!

Here’s a good one from the guru inbox:



Wow almost 3 diopters in less than a year

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I’m going to write Jake a letter like that when I get to 20/20


This is so encouraging! I’m hoping to get my husband to agree to help with my sons eyes. He has focusing problems but we have never taken him to the eye doctor since I wanted to see if I could get him to clear it up. He also has type 1 diabetes, which complicates things.

So encouraging! I got my reduced glasses about two weeks ago AND my boyfriend did the same for himself, so our journey has just started!
THIS IS the beginning of THE END of our myopia! :slight_smile:


It is lovely to see spouses and families working through this together☺
My husband has sniper vision; he can effortlessly see 20/10. His ability to understand this endmyopia journey of mine is somewhat limited, and he is doubtful I can improve my vision. Little does he realize that his skepticism only increases my drive to achieve naked eyes😊
Who doesn’t love to say, "I Told you I could do it!":wink:


I met someone like that once. There are a few out there. He probably has very slight hyperopia, good convergence, no astigmatism, and a visual cortex that’s working right. Just like a nearsighted person sees better up close, a farsighted person sees better at distance (compared to someone with normal vision). I’m pretty sure that 20/10 is about the limit for the average person…most of us will never be able to see better than that, at best. I was 20/15 without effort when I had contacts that were too strong for me, but my convergence/divergence skills were terrible back then.

Yup. Half diopter of plus, ideal.

We used to do that with pilots pretty successfully, back in the day - I don’t promote or discuss that since the topic gets immediately abused into “let’s just wear plus lenses 24/7” by way too many people.

It’s like steroids. :smiley: Any possible shortcut, no matter the side effects, people jump on. And then it’ll come back and be my fault for “promoting” plus.

But yea, if you can get to a state of small positive refractive state, 20/10 and better, and also a bit lower incidence for falling back into negative refractive states.


Yeah. I think most successful people are probably grateful enough to get down to near emmetropic levels (-0.75), or somewhere in the near-myopic emmetropic range (-0.5 to 0) after a lifetime of serious myopia…especially since that last diopter can take a while and it’s easy to get stuck somewhere between it and 0 for years. But if someone wants to keep going, and likes the benefits of being on the hyperopic end of emmetropia, then by all means. Everything is a tradeoff.

That buffer is definitely a nice reason to do so!

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