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This by no means asks for diopter-specific advice. I simply mention two diopter levels because the experience that I propose to share is probably very specific to this stage.

After a happy, grateful period of wearing -1.25 diopters normalized, I was seeing 20/20 on the Snellen chart and having trouble finding opportunities to do active focus when wearing my normalized. (Of course I could still do AF with books and screens without glasses, as I always do.)

So I ordered -1.0 lenses, expecting the same easy adjustment that I have had in my earlier reductions from 1.75. This has not quite been the case, which I attribute to the increasing centimeter gap as we go lower that we have been warned about in the Endmyopia Gesamptausgabe.

Here’s what’s happening: on the Snellen chart, the difference between the -1.25 glasses and the -1.0 glasses is minimal. It’s 20/20 for -1.25 and 20/25 for the -1.0. But the difference in the wild is much greater. In decent light, the -1.0 lenses are perfectly satisfactory, though somewhat blurier than any of my other reductions have been. It’s when I enter a more dimly lit sports bar or café that the difference is striking. Even with the glasses, reading the scores up in the left-hand corner of big screens for European football matches is a challenge. (I’m assuming that some of this is because of what happens to the pupils in a dimmer ambient rather than being a strictly myopic issue?) I’m not alarmed, since I still feel I’m making progress, but I share this different experience of reduction in case it’s useful to other people who will reach this stage, and also if veterans want to react in confirmation or to tell me that I’m full of something or other! (I have tried wearing the old -1.25 lenses inside that sports bar, which I had not had the opportunity to do before, because it was closed for months because of Covid, and find that even then I get a blur in that dim light.)

I spend a lot of time on the beach, usually in the shade (because of my pale Northern genes), usually just reading (without glasses of course) in the beach shacks (xiringuitos) that abound here, where we have coffee and drinks, enjoying beach life without being killed by the sun. It is perfectly ordinary experience now to forget to put on my glasses when I stop reading close up. Yesterday I played dominoes in one of those xiringuitos with friends for almost three hours, interacting with lots of people and sites around me, and never thought to put on my glasses except once when I was looking around to make sure my friend’s toddler son hadn’t run away too far. This was unimaginable for me just a few months ago. It’s the first time that I have lived partly without glasses since the age of 13. So I am a very, very happy camper!

My journey has been very slow, but a can now use my first pair of Differentials as Normalized, at least in the house. They do not have the tint for outside and they are kind of ugly, because they were just for using the computer, but good fro my morning workout and at least I feel like I have progressed.