Accountability group?

Dear all-

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in starting an accountability group where we log our pushing/pulling hours, close up hours, and measurements bi-weekly in one big spreadsheet.
If one of us is slacking, we can ping them. If there is any specific frustration or suggestion, we can share that in real-time with each other. The point of this is to monitor and share this day-to-day gradual process. The emphasis on continuous PROCESS-- the doing.

A lot of the threads here are fragmented updates or suggestions. I think an accountability group like this will not only cover both updates and suggestions, but also this. real-time 24/7 peer mentoring/coaching, which to me is fundamental to get going, since this is a long process.

I was thinking we break up by high/middle/low/myopia and daytime job.

I am high myopia and have an 8-hour job that requires only close-up work. If you are in a similar boat, please respond to this, and we will make a daily schedule and track each other’s progress (with encouragement and care).


yep sure. Im into it.
Im a high myope with an 8 hr close up desk job too.
What program are you thinking?

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I’m totally immune to this kind of things and motivation, but I know it works great for others. So it’s definitely a good idea :slight_smile:


self-motivation personality don’t need others to remind :grinning:


:rofl: at least you’re being honest!

I was more curious as a way to quantify behaviours and gains in a big group / sample size.
Getz the data going!

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Curiously watching this. :nerd_face:

For me personally, since I don’t understand cause and effect, logging standards and complience rules change regularly, so I’m probably not the best participant to compare to. My results this year are basically no progress, with lots of weird back-and-forth.

But with data from more people, maybe there’d be a clear “this is what really makes a difference” kind of understanding.

If you make logs of outdoor time, getting some sort of timing component into it may be useful. For example, my current experiment counts near work time until reset by daylight outdoor time of a third of the near work time. Daily maximum “un-negated” near work of up to 3h is full complience, and then it scales linearly to zero complience at 5h. (This is inspired by Jake’s Three-Hour Rule: complience starts dropping when violating it.)

I’m not saying you should adopt this exact one… it shows only confusing results so far and is about to end anyway, since I have no idea how to keep this up in the dark season. Point is that outdoor time may have different effects depending on its schedule – relative to near work or sleep. Simply counting outdoor time has not been a very good predictor of improvement for me… though it does somewhat correlate.

Bottom line: I’m absolutely interested, am logging stuff anyway, but don’t know what exactly we should be measuring – and optimizing for.


Hi all- Here is a google excel file link I created- anyone with a link can edit it:

If anyone is more tech savvy and knows other more modern software to log (and share), let me know.

@Alexbreedon1111 @Varakari - i have created a template. Feel free to modify. Anyone can feel free to join at anytime.

I have been following the program for nearly 3 years but I ALWAYS end up falling back into my bad habits (because life is not always kind). I see this support group as a way to push each other forward when things are not working out or when you lose your motivation to keep going for whatever reason.

If you are in need of some sort of community support, I am really excited to re-start my endmyopia journey with you! It is going to be a trial and error process as we are figuring out how and what to document exactly, AND how to help each other…but I really believe this will be of great help to many of us, especially those of us whose work requires close-up work… I am of course open to having Jake and team use the big data.

To start off, I am using an app called Focus to do to track my hours and to remind me to take breaks. Second, I bought a Casio watch on Amazon to track my hours outside. I also, like Jake, only text on my computer. Lastly, I got a dog to make me go outside (and for other purposes).

In addition, I want to see how people simplify/summarize their endmyopia principles. I tend to complicate things which makes me hard to follow anything. I summarized my principles in the spreadsheet and make my everyday decisions based on them.

hmmm, i feel you completely on this. For a few times, i was able to be outside just chilling for a few hours and my eyes felt like new, but then our life is so full of screens and work responsibilities which always ruins those good moments my eyes deserve. Consistency and timely trouble shooting is key but hard to do when we are alone. It is also an emotional journey which makes it even harder. I did not create a tab for you in the spreadsheet but you should definitely join just for the hell of it!!

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Ok. I’ll give it a go.
Lets see how it goes.

WeChat Screenshot_20201102123055

It’d be good to get a graphic element to it. Not sure yet how that’ll work. Lets see how effective this data is first maybe.

this is a simple graph im using in google sheets as an example


I’ve changed some parameters in my excel sheet that fit me better?
What do you think? Do we need to be exactly the same or there can be some flexibility?