Accuve Oasy for astigmatism does not have 5'

Anything that comes up in relation to astigmatism and cylinder matters can be discussed here and added to this category.The degree of astigmatism in glasses is 5’. Accuve Oasy for astigmatism does not have 5’. Should I take 10’ or 5’? I know I shouldn’t ask for a prescription, but I have not found any relevant information anywhere.

This is a bit confusing, as you have said that 5’ does not exist in the lenses you are interested in. The axis of astigmatism can fluctuate quite a bit during the course of the day. Have you tried measuring it yourself with the astigmatism tool? You do not mention your cylinder of astigmatism, and this would also have an influence on your decision. If it is very low, you could try going without cylinder correction in your lenses.

@Adnanbi For astigmatism, an axis of 0 degrees is the same as 180 so I think your choices for axis with those contacts are actually between 10 degrees and 180 degrees. I don’t have any evidence to support this choice but I’d probably choose 180 degrees just because it’s more symmetrical.

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R CYL: 2.75
L CYL: 2.25 :hot_face: :nerd_face: :Soğuk ter:

Thank you . I’m undecided now. I’m searching for information.

If this translates as ‘Sod this!’, I agree with you. :wink: You are more likely to find solace and advice from Kent @kem

A cold sweat will also do. :crazy_face:

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