Active defocus risky or safe?

is blurring your vision on command in order to create a blur challenge and then clearing up that blur harmful? will it cause retinal detachement?

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In my opinion, it is almost equal in terms of myopia progression to viewing things close up in glasses made for distance.


There is no such part of Endmyopia. Clearing that kind of blur provides no stimulus. So obviously there is not much data about if that is risky or safe.


I used to do this a lot when I was first learning about em. I thought blurring my eyes on command would help my eyes distinguish between blur and then possibly be able to clear it up. but for me, it actually induced more eye strain and whenever i would stare at things in the distance my eyes would blur up.
Its not necessarily going to damage your eyes, but it can lead to blur adaptation.

in a short post, Vakari explains what happens when you blur your eyes on command here


I have a second hunch at this in addition to Vakaris explanation. Mayebe this “active defocus” is more of a… slight squint. That is also why it feels like a strain.

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