Active focus at nature

This is a bit of a weird one.
I think I am having trouble active focusing at nature?
I know how to AF on text, like street signs, store signs and such. It’s also very easy to know if I have AF on text… as it’s very square.
I am lucky that I have a lot of greens and trees to look at, but I can never tell if I am actually doing AF because unlike text nature is not square…
Any tips?

I had experience by slowly counting leaves. It’s also easy if you try it with a more contrasting object and background. If you own the area, you could put up a Snellen chart to see if you are actually doing AF.

I don’t know if square or not is the problem. Not all the letters on a Snellen are square. For me it is the difference between recognising letters I know, on a 2-dimensional surface, and looking at 3-dimensional nature. There is more input to deal with, and I think it is excellent for the visual cortex. There are a few houses in my ‘nature’, and I pay attention to the definition of the roof tiles, of the stones in the dry stone walls they are made of, and window and door frames. Looking at grass, trees and shrubs around the same house, and even the mountain backdrop, I am happy to assume that if I am able to clear roof tiles at that distance, I am also clearing some blur on these items. Cows in a field are also great, as I can concentrate on how sharp their outlines are, whether I can clearly see legs and tails etc. Following birds in flight is great practice in focussing while tracking movement - a bit harder to do…

I f you are paying as close attention while looking at nature as you are doing when trying to clear text on a screen or a chart, I think you can assume that you are doing AF. :smile:

Since I’m colorblind to a certain degree, I find that the colors involved also can affect my acuity, including in nature. (Don’t hire me to pick strawberries.) Another issue that I have, when AFing at the computer, is that online texts that are in white against a darker color can do something kind of puzzling: the finer print is sometimes sharp for my eyes while the larger print is blurry!

Same diffuculties for me. When AF is hard to get looking at trees, leaves or stuff like that, I look at the line of the horizon. That is one of my favourite AF exercise, high contrast and easier for me to get cristal clear almost everytime. Even without any correction I often get perfect CF.
Anothers object as good as horizon for AF are electric wires, but hard to find in nature!!!

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I tried the counting leaves today. I have a lot of pines here, so I was more tracing the branches and the needles. That seemed to help.
There are too many trees and mountain for horizon here… But if we ever get out of lock down and travel again.

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