Active Focus Beginner Questions

Newcomer to Endmyopia and AF here! I understand that this topic is posted alot but I wanted to ask specific things about AF:

  1. What does Active Focus feel like? Sometimes I feel a really warm and tingly sensation in my eye and the text does appear a little more clear (not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks)
  2. How much should you practice Active Focus? I know Jake has replied before that this shouldn’t be seen as a practice but rather a habit but I believe that you must first practice it alot for it to become a habit. Say that I have a whole day free to myself. Is it a bad idea to try AF all day?
  3. Once you get AF for a glimpse, how do you get it consistently? By “practicing” it more and “memorizing” the feeling?
  4. Are there any additional tips for acheiving Active Focus, other than what has been provided already? I’ve tried holding a book and moving it back, trying to describe the blur, and even having something in my peripheral.


All these questions have already been answered, with about as many different answers as there are people who answered. :astonished: You may be asked to do your own homework here. :wink:

The only tip I want to give is not to overdo it - whatever you are doing. Many people end up with eye strain.

As discussed so many times before AF is a misleading name, there is nothing “active” in it.

Things you may be experiencing:

  1. clear flash - when you look up, not expecting clarity or not even looking, and something jumps into your face being absolutely clear without any consciousness or efforts
  2. AF (with its misleading name) - this is no effort at all, just consciousness. Not focusing as the name suggests, just clearing up blur by consciousness (not effort). Look at the pic in Mohan’s thread, clearing from level 2 to 3 already classifies as AF. If you accept that this is AF, you will understand why Jake says it’s a habit not a dedicated practice time. You just keep pushing your monitor to create the blur of level 2, and try to bring it to level 3 and this doesn’t create any feelings in your eyes and should not make your eyes tired either. If you feel anything, you feel that your eyes are relaxed. So you can do it all day. Slowly you will find that it comes easier and easier, and you’ll have to push the monitor further away to create that level 2 blur.
  3. Focusing - this is conscious and effort is added. This is not AF. This is pushing above AF. This will make your eyes tired, sometimes not on the day but next day. This will create all kinds of feelings in your eyes. Some people feel they are opening their eyes wider, others will feel they are coordinating their eyes (convergence/divergence), etc. If it feels good, this can add extra gains to AF. If you overdo it, you may not be able to repeat it for 3 or 4 days, because your eyes or brain will be exhausted. And this will typically work only when you are not tired and the lights are good. If this is what you measure for cms, you may get disappointed if you measure when you are tired and compare it to a good day’s measurement.
  4. shooting with the eyes - this is pushing yourself to the max. Comparable to jogging the same distance every day, and then running a sprint to see the result of max effort. Most people don’t do it.

So I’ll say, most of what you describe above falls into “3. Focusing” and not into the category of “2. AF”.
This is my opinion, but as Ursa said there are as many answers as EM forum members.

This is a good thread comparing experiences.


Thanks! This has been very helpful. After reading the thread that you linked at the bottom, I really resonate with Hugo1/OP’s and Hoofjr’s feeling of a slight “pulling” of my eyes inside my socket when doing what I think is AF. Its certainly not a bad feeling and actually has a pleasant tingly feeling. I do notice that my stomache tends to to contract and I hold my breath a little (like what Hugo1/OP mentioned) which does makes me think that maybe its not entirely the right way, considering that some people feel nothing when doing AF. It does seem to clear the sharpen the blur a little though. I wonder if any other people have this same feeling.

Reality is that you cannot fully separate AF and actual focusing, for some reasons they fire up together for most people. And because it presents gains there is the temptation to do more and more focusing with the deliberate efforts. However, this can fire back at times because the eyes can develop different focusing power adding to normal AF (up to 0.75D in the dominant eye but only 0.25D in the non-dominant eye), for the other reasons why focusing with efforts is not necessarily a good idea, check point 3) in my previous comment.
When I got to the last diopter, deliberately cutting out the focus and keeping the AF only was a really useful step. So focus on AF and add whatever feels good. Keep measuring and be patient. Good luck.