Active Focus Demo?

Does anyone have a video demonstrating an auto focus camera focusing? Or a good way to demonstrate with a smart phone camera? I’m not super tech savvy, so I might need some help with this. What I’m working on is a way to show people what active focus looks like as I introduce people to endmyopia.

My thinking is that if we can give people the experience of seeing more clearly, there’s more of a chance that they might be interested in endmyopia. One of the big problems is that it’s so difficult to articulate active focus and get people to do it that they won’t likely pursue vision improvement unless they have either a really strong desire or some kind event that triggers them to look into it.


I like this idea.

Simple and gets the point across.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have the equipment needed to do that in video.


If I come up with any ideas, I’ll be sure to post.

You can try putting a lens (e.g. your 0.75D lens) in front of the phone’s camera, focus on an object by clicking it, then quickly remove the lens. The phone will show blur for a few seconds and then it should re-focus and clear up the


If you need to show someone you can send them a GIF from a site like


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@itamar and @Sharagoz, great stuff, thanks! I’m going to be looking for a few guinea pigs on this. Hopefully, by simplifying the bait, I can get people to see that active focus is a natural ability and regaining our vision is not really that complicated. As much as I agree with @jakey that we need people to look in to the science and understand the whole system if they’re really going to do it, I think that figuring out how to get people to experience it first is maybe a better opener.


Totally agree. What I think would have been helpful to me is a clear understanding of the progression to active focus. I didn’t just blink one day and bam! ‘have it.’ I had a long process of learning and giving my eyes appropriate tasks (easy to hard) to learn how to engage the muscles. I wrote about it here…maybe it helps?

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Thanks! This is good, and helpful for me. I was someone who just kind of fell into active focus, so thinking through the logic of the progression is helpful.

I think that the challenge is this: get someone to see active focus, and you’ve given the person the experience of clearer vision. If that doesn’t get the person interested in improving eyesight, I doubt anything else will. Yet, we know that some people who want to find active focus still take weeks or longer to figure it out. So, peaking people’s curiosity and desire to find it may be the best starting point we can have.

I really wonder if it would be useful to put together some kind of “sales” material on having EM conversations. The basic principle of selling is to understand what the potential customer wants, listen more, and talk only as much as necessary to communicate what’s needed for the sale to take place. As much as all the science is good and we need to have it available if it comes up, it’s too much noise from a sales standpoint. What we want is for people to want to see more clearly. If we can show them how, we’ve taken the first step toward creating an EM convert.

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Totally! Would you like to work on the (see this post) chat bot (@jakey as fyi)? This is one way to engage the user individually — I need help with content creation // developing the decision tree dialogue to take users through…

I do like the visual explanation as well, showing how it happens (eventually). That would have helped me also, like seeing a muscle flex (when at present you cannot even move it), so I know what the end result should be.

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Maybe - I was thinking more in terms of conducting the conversation in “real” life, but the structure would probably be similar. I’ll have a look…what would you have in mind?

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So far it’s just what I mentioned in the Skynet post:

After this…
I was thinking we do a flow on next steps, so going to the post about what I wish I had known to help guide the user through how to get started, with a brief intro on science for those that “ask” for it. And a separate flow for child myopia (but I don’t know the content there).


I’ll have a look. If I haven’t responded in a few weeks, feel free to PM me or respond to this thread again. Lots of irons in the fire and not tons of spare time, but I do want to get good at this conversation. I know from almost 10 years in sales now that how we have the conversation matters in terms of getting people to take action.

No worries. I have the same problem at the moment, so I’ll be more free in a couple weeks.

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Going to start a new thread on this - I’ve finally gotten a spare moment to think. Lots of work to do, but what I keep seeing is that “no one cares” when we bring up endmyopia. I have a hunch that, for the “real life” version, we have treat it like we’re conducing sales calls (for those who are up for that).

I think the way to explain it would be…how to reduce eye strain. Starting from there is an easier entry point. Feel free to tag me in the new thread.

That’s fantastic, great idea and very helpful, thanks for sharing.