Active focus practise examples

Hi everyone,
I’m not totally sure to feel how to practise active focus.
When I’m outside , just the fact that I’m looking everywhere and paying attention to small details far is enough to practise active focus?
Could anyone give me some everyday active focus examples ?
Thank you very much!



You can do active focus all day. Everything that is blurry you can clear up with AF. I do active focus when I am watching TV, doing some work on computer, using the phone, reading books, but I do not do this things often, because it’s too much close-up. The most time I spend doing active focus is looking at things in my house, looking through the window at the trees, roofs of the houses, etc. I go outside for at least an hour every day. Actually , everything you see around you, you can clear up. It’s just important to do active focus.


Some examples from my personal life- there is a tree across the road from my balcony, approx 16 feet away, whenever i stand there i look at the leaves and try to focus on each leaves, their veins and the pointed tip. It also helped me to fuse my double vision to an extent.
When i am on my terrace i look at the birds flying by and try to blink and make the image clearer, for eg when parrots are flying by- without active focus the colours are a blur but with af the green stand out.


This is what I do too. Apart from that you can AF while driving by clearing up number plates, shop signs and road signs. While walking, and while eating out . Just choose a table at a window and Af as you lunch.

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Do u do active focus with glasses or without glasses ?

I found @Lizaisnotblind method quite inspiring.

Sorry for the delay in replying.
I used to active focus using my glasses back then. Now I don’t wear specs anymore, so I active focus without them.

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