Active Focus: Stay at that distance, or keep bobbing back and forth to resolve blur?

Hi all, duplicating a question I asked on facebook just to get a more thorough response. I think it’s an important question.

I’m looking at a screen with differentials. I move my head back to where it blurs, and then I clear it up with active focus. Do I proceed to remain at that distance, or do I then come forward, then come back, resolve the blur and repeat for as long as it takes?

Is it the resolving of the blur that helps you out or is it the distance at which you’ve active focused? I’m leaning toward the latter, but given it’s pretty important to get right I thought I’d ask.

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I think it is both the distance and the active focus (where you resolve the blur) - so the ultimate goal would be to get from time to time more far away from your computer screen.

I have similar questions. I think I read that it is the resolving of blur that is important and that eventually this tends to happen automatically, all the time, at different distances with differentials and normalized (so often you’re just clearing a tiny fraction of blur rather than resolving huge challenges). I was wondering (with text) whether it is better to 1) be able to hold clear text for many seconds while you read many lines (sometimes it goes when I blink!) or 2) once you’ve cleared some text blink/ purposely loose it, then stare and regain it … i.e. holding focus versus finding focus at a given distance.