Active Focus Triggers

I’m not saying you should read, or watch this.

Maybe useful. Probably something you already figured out yourself.

I get periodically self conscious about the :man_shrugging:-worthy obviousness, and me really not being the guy to suggest all these things with a straight face. It’s all topics that are better covered by others, and also who am I to tell you about building habits.

But then, you know. Sometimes some random bits can be useful regardless.

Also experimenting with our newer-ish Facebook page, because it has the chatbot for newbie questions. So while I remember to anyway, posting new bits there and uploading videos early and whatnot. Let’s see if it sticks, let’s see if we can get some of the initial questions towards the bot.

Not saying you should follow this, since really the less of the Facebook nonsense, the better. It’s here though regardless: Redirecting...

And since we’re talking social media nonsense and links to things - there is also the Jakey Instagrams … of course very heavily curated and excluding all of the hedonism and ill-conceived tiny brain adventures and things that can and would be used in all courts of laws.

Why the Insta? Because weirdly, a regular e-mail question is the “who are you though” thing, which seems like people really want to ‘know’ the character telling them about eyeballs. Which of course, not likely or possible or something I’d be curious to share anyway. Just acknowledging our human stalker-ishness itch, I post the Insta-cringe sometimes.

Several more Daily Beards already recorded, too. Vaguely attempting to put these out more regularly. :grimacing:


Your posted ideas don’t have to be novel to be valuable. That video confirmed me in some stuff that I already do. You’ve supported the usefulness of something that I wasn’t super-sure was a big deal but now will do more consciously.

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I think it is well established at this point that there is a fair number of individuals who need you to state the obvious… So keep stating the obvious lol

haha guilty! But in all fairness it is only natural to want to see a person who has helped to alter one of your 5 senses and you have interacted with over almost 2 years as a 3D person… just saying about that:

This would be good :smiley:

Yay!!! :grin: :grin:

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I’m definitely not forgetting about the bot. It’s in the ongoing hmmm-list of how to get it to be more used. There’s some way to integrate it into the site too but so far haven’t been too successful to get it to run properly.

Totally get that. The issue for me is that it’s super one-way. It’s random people who aren’t sharing either, wanting to just know about me. That part sometimes makes it a little weird when the person inquiring is putting nothing out there. :joy:

I was at some pretty remote beach in Vietnam one time when some guy came up and said “hey aren’t you Jake Steiner”. Totally freaked me out!

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Dally Beards?

That’s fair… but I share :smiley:

:joy: That’s Great! You are a celebrity :sunglasses: At least you should be safe from paparazzi :rofl:

No worries, I know you are juggling many things.

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