Active Focus under the influence

Awhile ago someone mentioned on the FB page, but this forum is probably a more appropriate place to explore.

Do you just throw Active Focus out the window when you are 1. inebriated (etc) or 2. very tired? And what if either 1. or 2. is part of your regular lifestyle?

I’m by no means saying anything extreme, but most of my day (with breaks) is spent on the computer - I’m a graphic designer - homeschooling my child (requires alot of research) and my passions/hobbies are sewing/jewelry design/knitting…not unlike someone who works alot, evenings are often spent relaxing with a glass of wine and vacations/weekends perhaps something a little stronger. So you could say that it is a stretch for me to shift to, say parasailing on the weekends or going outside for too much time during the best light. My best Active Focus is not having to mind my daughter and trying to do long walks with my dog during the day.

I am sure that many of us have lifestyles not unlike mine (us Myopes got this way for this reason). Let’s hear how you engage Active Focus when you are somewhat under the influence (or if you dare, alot under…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)!


I think AF is very addicting. Therefore, likely going to gym, we need to stop for a while so our body can rest. The best way to do this is put glasses with weaker prescrition during day time and at night switch to glasses that give you confort at all.
I believe this alternance is good for your eyes.