Active outreach attempts

Active outreach attempts for Endmyopia go in here:

Outreach to Info Jake’s thoughts Initiated by date remarks
Healthline Broad health oriented website with many, many followers @Laurens 6th of Dec. 2018 message send asking if they’d be interested, no response so far. Anyone feel free to follow up.
Dr. Mercola Widely popular natural health guru, even reversed his own presbyopia using Bates @Laurens 21st of Aug. 2018 message send, positive and interested response, got relayed to the appropriate department, silence since then. Anyone feel free to hit them up again.
Joe Rogan Very popular actor and podcaster. Covers many health topics Too big for now, does have contacts, could get on the show if desired @Laurens message send, no response. No active follow-up required.
HealthUnlocked 4th of Dec. 2018 A post released on Dec 18th, no response yet.
LearningHealth Dec. 4th 2018 no response received so far
Liebscher Bracht emailed them.
Dr. Ragan Chatterjee email sent to 14th of Feb. 2019 received standard reply, will continue to contact them. Responded: they need more details to decide. Sent details on podcasts and YouTube videos.
Primal Edge Health @Tristan sent FB message February 8th 2019 Feb. 12th, Jessica responded that Tristan had actually just sent her the link to Jake’s interview with Dr. Shawn Baker (he’s already interested!), and they will listen to it ASAP. She will pass on my recommendation to Tristan that he have Jake on Primal Edge Health podcast.
Strong and Flex TV (YouTube) @AnnaK AnnaK suggested Strong and Flex TV - if anyone wants to contact them, feel free!
The Wellness Guys Australian health & Wellness podcast 12th of Feb 2019 waiting for a response
TEDTalks Health Sent them a comment, kindly asking them if they could host Jake Steiner, creator of and the method for successfully reversing myopia
BioHackers Lab Feb. 14th 2019 sent message to Gary.
[Example](https://url-goes here) Some information about this recipient Jake’s opinion goes here if need be @User-right-here Date that they were approached (+ followup date if need be) Relevant comments/remarks about the process.

Please add (edit) your own attempts so we have a complete list of what’s been happening in terms of getting EM more “out there”.

Other outreach possibilities should go into a different topic.


Of note here too I’ve been looking into recruiting PR firms to help on this front as well. As always it takes quite a while to weed through the BS (mostly it’s not worth they money companies ask) but I hope that with ongoing little efforts in this direction we’ll make something out of outreach as well!

Community contribution is key. Finding the way that works to get in the door, definitely the first challenge.

I tried 3 communities, no response yet.
One of them, I also become a member.
Today I tried again

Put it also in a seperate topic under this category.

Best regards


Sounds great Benal, could you edit the first post to include this one? I made it into a wiki post so that all of us can update the first one so that the summary is always there to be found.

Hi Laurens
I hope I got it right.
First post (yours) in this topic has just been edited to include my attempts @HealthUnlocked and

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Careful with becoming a new member in a forum and starting out with promoting something. That’s a big red flag for most communities and something that may backfire on us more than anything.

I’m very suspicious of any new members in our groups that come promoting things, and definitely don’t like it. :smiley:


Just emailed liebscher-bracht
They have youtube and free stuff on their website (plus a little marketing machine Jake might dream of).
But it’s the same, a new take on physical pain, like back pain. They also have some English videos there.
Story goes: Everyone wants to cut you up, some nice little spine surgery. Mostly withouit any (good) effect. So, it must be a psyschological problem, right?
They say: It’s like to much near work, wrong training, we train 24 hours a day. Usually, sitting, They say pain is due to shortened muscles and conjunctive tissues which create bigger pressure on ig, the spine, because they pull the front, so the back muscles have to pull more to the back as well, increasing pressure on spine. They have free stretching exercices for each kind of pain online. Seem to work, makes a lot of sense to me. They say loose it or use it (mobility of all your joints), like looking into the distance.
Would be great if they share a link to endmyopia or something!


Sent email to dr Chatterjee contact email , recvd a standered response immediately will wait to see if there is a better response, also checking on alternate contacts for him


With bigger resources I think we have to think strategically. Maybe reaching somebody they trust but who themselves isn’t so on the public radar.

That’s a bit what I’m thinking for podcasts, looking at big ones and their guests, and then seeing what other smaller podcasts those guests were on as well. Then it becomes an easier intro, “hey you had xyz on, we also did a podcast with them, or etc related”.

Those guys do know a thing or two about marketing. I’m quite envious here. :smiley:

I see us still very much in stages of just barely starting to grow out of a niche sort of rant filled side project - and getting more of our combined talents and skills involved in taking endmyopia to a more reachable level overall.

All of this is very much a community thing. Me taking it seriously involves feedback and improvement reports, various efforts here are from suggestions from participants, it’s all just evolving organically. Kind of an odd duck since I see most other venues being started with more of a specific motivation to build a business, brand, income, etc. That sort of focus wasn’t really part of things here so it’s taking a bit longer to sprout this seedling.

Also working on honing the ‘elevator pitch’ to prospective podcasts and communities.

Most recent a Facebook post, attempting to get more succinct in summarizing a tempting carrot for reaching possible venues:

I think one tempting aspect is that gets over 1.2 million regular visitors (nice for podcasts to get some promotion back), and then the name dropping that we’ve appeared on podcasts also featured on Joe Rogan and fellow guests like Mark Sisson, Wim Hoff, and Neil Strauss (and of course a huge list of other notable figures in health and media). And of course having a topic that applies to a very wide audience, with a unique take on the modern phenomenon of the 100 Billion Dollar myopia “epidemic”.


Guys, should we open this category to level 2?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to let level 1 and 0 in by default. Noobs meddling in here might distort what we’re trying to do. Interested users are manually added by me to the outreach group and that’s not a big hassle.

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Fine by me, should be all good.

Just edited my post, you’re down for letting lvl 2 in?

yes, need be on their radar first

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Tried to edit the doc, don’t seem to be able to, maybe because I’m a new member?
Just sent a message to Tristan of Primal Edge Health. Tristan has had Dr. Shawn Baker on his show a couple times recently, so I think there’s a good chance here.
Primal Edge Health channel on YouTube has almost 13k subscribers (
I don’t know whether his interviews are officially podcasts or on iTunes or are able to be rated. I just watch YouTube videos myself. I just know that he’s done pretty well and has a decent audience.

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