Acupressure for AF and ciliary spasm

I have found that acupressure massage around the eye socket, above the brow line and just below the temple is an amazing thing for vision. I used to use it to take the edge off of headaches, but recently I am finding that it is an excellent way to prime for AF. I have gotten much better at AF, but like most find, my ability to do it varies day to day. With about a minute of acupressure though I get sustained (5-30 minutes) improved clarity with significantly less stinging, and virtually no effort. I would be interested to know if others have tried this and if they have found it as helpful as I have. Please vote and/or comment :slight_smile:

  • I find this moderately helpful
  • I find this very helpful
  • Doesn’t work for me

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Edit for clarity: acupressure massage; close eyes softly and then around both eyes gently with the pads of fingertips begin at corners of eye near tear duct making small circular motion work around eye socket where you feel bone I go below eye around to to outside corners then up over top to complete circle) then work from inside corner just above eye brow till just under temple (should feel an indentation just beyond outside edge of brow) do a few circles each direction. Now open eyes


Recently remembered that.

Also it is like “orthoculogy” works: there are some points around cornea that giving a reflex to ciliary muscle to flatten the lens.

Can you show images or explain the acupressure then I can try it and let you know

Ok edited original post. Bonus even if you don’t see the massive vision improvement that I do, it is a very pleasant sensation because massage obviously rocks :smiley: .


Just tried this for a couple of minutes I will try again for longer but Wow… hopefully more will try and comment. I opened my eyes and saw with near perfect clarity I could make out the houses about a mile away. I’m going to give this a try more often. It didnt last long but that’s why I am going to see what happens after more than a couple minutes. :heart_eyes_cat:
I wonder what it does for astigmatism @Ursa @kem have you tried this?


You can literally see a difference with 30 seconds to a min. I like to do it every few hours, it totally refreshes.

Oh yeah I know that! :smiley: I find this acupressure massage very relaxing, a great help to release strain. However I doubt it will do miracle, the effect doesn’t last long for me.
Before finding Endmyopia, I was doing these acupressure points multiple times per day in addition to Bates exercises, with rather poor result lol :sweat_smile:

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I have done this before, but never with the idea that it might help my vision, so never noticed any difference. I will use it now to see if it makes a difference. I am not sure that it could in any way affect the shape of the cornea, but on my strange EM journey nothing will surprise me any more.


@Sandra @Ursa I don’t think this has lasting effect on my vision, so no miracle cure here, but I do feel like it helps trigger AF and refreshes my eyes. The increased blood flow is good, and muscles work best when warm (accomplished quite well to the immediate as well as surrounding areas during massage). So I was truely just wondering if other people experience the same benefits. I still believe it is the consistent visual stimulus though AF that will see lasting vision improvements however anything that irons a bump or two out of the road is certainly worth while. Besides as stated previously it certainly has the expected benefits of massage if nothing else.


I tried this a couple of times yesterday and each time resulted in the same immediate clarity when opening my eyes. But the sensation of stinging followed and I couldn’t hold the clarity. But I feel it is still a help to train the eye that the normal vision without glasses is there and how it feels. So overall I will keep working on it. Just another addition to the EM journey. Plus I shared this little bit of info to someone that doesnt wear glasses but has vision trouble at times.


Hi Llyodmom.
I consistently use a power operated eye massager . I gives me relief after a long day of straining my poor overworked eyes. I find that an excellent time is to do it is during listening to long youtube videos (where visual is not required) in the evenings. I think blood circulation is paramount. A bit each day will have accumulated positive effect over the long run. I think poor blood flow to our eyes will starve it of nutruents and all the stuff it need for daily good maintenance. Like a car workshop with no spare parts. Imagine tying a tight rubber band on one of our fingers for a few days and no blood circulation . The end result will be a dead finger.

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I totally agree the increased circulation is a huge deal. As someone who has a circulatory disorder I understand that better than most. Increased circulation also warms the surrounding muscles and warm muscle work best. It’s also relaxing, and the consensus is relaxing the eyes is very important. Because I have the circulation issues I was very curious to discover weather or not everyone found this helpful. Seems a consensus that it does help :slight_smile:

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Right now I’m having a tension headache brought on by ciliary spasm. This massage definitely helped bring circulation in and around the eyes. I feel a pleasant throbbing around my eyes and a release of tension (very different from the painful throbbing in the back of my head). Thanks for the suggestion!

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So glad to hear this helped :blush:

@gemilymez I wonder… I have a theory that along with relaxing the muscle groups in and around the eye, that the increased circulation actually aids in tear film production. I wonder if you would try and could add your experience?

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Decided to do one better and make a video. Cringe I listened to this one… my voice seriously doesn’t sound like that in person…


I may have already posted it somewhere, but I do something similar twice a day:


Nice! I have been aware of these techniques and more and have used them since I was a teenager. Though I don’t engage in meditation portions. I couldn’t begin to remember how I got started down the acupressure road, but I have always found it helpful. One of the marvels of the tech era is we can share these helpful things :grinning:


Can’t believe it - I just wanted to add the massage of the top of the neck at the back, and the point behind the ear at the jaw. Never learnt it anywhere, it seems I found Zen intuitively :blush:

Same here. I’ve done these so many times over decades that sometimes it is enough just to touch my temples or the side of the nose and I get the same result.
My theory is that you get to 20/20 with AF, and then you stabilise it by further relaxing the eyes and letting go of AF with techniques like this. And gua sha…
All of them increase blood circulation, so more oxygen gets to your eyes.

My favourite channel for natural fixes for aches and pains is Austin Goh’s.
He literally has a 3 minute video for anything :smiley:
This is his video for dry eye:

And this (from 4:20 to 5:30) brings tears to anyone’s eyes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely! I have a bunch of points I use and 80 percent or better I have no memory of learning anywhere. I did post this thread in Dec of last year with the poll out if curiosity, but decided to re-up with a video after recommending the techniques this week.

I found him earlier this year too! I found his floater techniques ineffective. But the tinnitus ones do help. Its not a permanent fix, but I developed a nasty case of 24-7 tinnitus (among other issues) after a really bad virus in early Feb that dragged into March :disappointed: (most likely COVID, though they weren’t testing in the states yet) and the “professionals” shrug you off for things like tinnitus, nothing they can do… But his tapping techniques for tinnitus, takes the edge off and now it is only generally at night I get it and with far less intensity.

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