Admitting New Members Via The Great Trials of ... LE QUIZ

Finally got around to adding a mini quiz for new members wanting to join Le Meow.

It seems a good idea as suggested by you guys here in the group. Took a while to get it sort of working, and a few questions added for a start.

The way it all works is that a link to Le Quiz is sent to subscribers of the 7 day e-mail course - after about 6 weeks, and only to those who opened all of the 7 day e-mails previously. This should give darlings enough time to learn lots before joining here and those who didn’t read the e-mails never even finding out about Le Meow.

It’s all, as always, very much a work in progress.


Oh man - Got 7/9 - Fail!!

Yikes. Now we have to BAN YOU! :smiley:

J/k. Also the questions are still definitely in process of refinement, as with everything we start off somewhere and see what works, and what doesn’t.


What the… Only 8/9? Maybe i was mistaken with the name… Mmm… It was definitely very fun, haha, however, but way too easy? Real name was Ravensburger or similar? :joy:

Well it’s just a few questions for now. I had quite a time setting it up, took a while of getting all the pieces working.

All these kinds to-do items get the first round of treatment and then revisited periodically for refinement. :slight_smile:

the jake or jack question is great :grinning: and i remeber the old time “resentment” about it on the facebook group.

if I may offer another questions, I think a not well read theme is the complexity.
I see even here some people suggest equalizing before paying attention to astigmatism for example. so this can be another topic in the le quiz.


9/9. Too easy, bro :smile:

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9/9 completely le meowable.

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Good idea to have a quiz. But the questions are easy. I first failed on the one about curing myopia, I was too eager and enthusiastic when answering (“yes yes yes you can get rid of myopia”) :rofl::grin:
A longer quiz would perhaps discourage more those who just want quick answers from others without taking time for a minimum of reading from the blog?
I second what tal says about adding questions on the complexity.

Well let’s see. Quite likely we’ll have to add some questions, once some new members start plzzz-bro’ing us I’ll sharpen the pencils!


Yes, 9/9 and I’m in. Thanks Jake!

I totally flunked, /me resigns as moderator effective immediately, sorry Jake, I’m not as good at this as I thought I was. I’m ashamed to have let you down…:sob:.

In all seriousness, great quiz with some really funny possible answers. One more you might consider:

What should you never do with your distance correction?:

  • Look at adult material
  • Use it while looking/working close-up
  • Trow them at your former optometrist
  • Use them for active focus

Excellent idea…9 is a fair amount of questions. Thanks for amping up the weeding process. A true EM disciple knows normalized and active focus…maybe add or replace ‘progressive myopia’ question with one of these topics. Love the Guru question …an absolute must for admission. :wink:


It’s a fair set of questions, though I did get the last question wrong. 8/9.

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I think the quiz is a good idea. Maybe eventually serve up a random 9 out of a pool of 20-30 questions to try to deter cheaters.:wink:

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Hi, I would like to subscribe to the 7 day email course, and tried previously, but somehow it never happened. Can you please subscribe me? I’d really like to get going on this, and need a plan.
Thanks much, Judy Plummer

Pretty cool. I think it was pretty good the way it was. Kind of basic, but you have to have read some stuff to know those answers. I got a 9/9. I thought it was good.


Yay, 9/9 so I guess I get to stay :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea too. The questions are indeed on the easy side but then the point is not to keep people out of the forum entirely :grin: @Laurens’ suggestion about distance correction question is a good one.

Yes! Passed too! :hugs::smile:


Your Le Meow-bility Is:


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I laughed so hard!!! Great quiz haha. I have to admit that I needed to google the answer to the number of cm equivalent to 1 diopter oops! I don’t why, that’s the only aspect of myopia science that I can’t seem to mentally process. So I got 9/9 by cheating a little :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a really good thing to put this up as a safety measure against the ‘pleazz bro’.