AF= experience more time in the same amount of time

As you may know, our clocks are based on stationary time, and the faster you move the less time you experience. So, if you spent an hour stationary, or spent an hour of stationary time moving. Just in the perspective of time, The you that spent that time moving is younger than the you that spent that time being stationary, thus allowing you to have a longer lifespan relative to stationary time and allowing you to experience more stationary time. See more in this link:
'Complete Solution To The Twins Paradox - YouTube

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With Active Focus (by that I mean, paying more attention to your vision, which in turn improves your visual prowess, that’s the difference between normies who look aimlessly vs baseball players who look intentionally), you don’t need to change the flow of time nor change how much stationary time you have to live to increase your perception of how much time you have to experience. Active Focus is essentially the ability to improve your ability to resolve images. The better you can resolve images, the better you are at motion detection, which is the ability to detect changes in blur or changes in space over time. With better motion detection, there is an increased frequency of detecting changes. With an increased frequency of detecting changes given a period of time, your perception of time slows down without actually having decreased the rate at which time passed for you (well really your perception of time stays the same but you are able to perceive more time within the same amount of time). So, be present and pay attention to your vision. Live life more so that you can live more life!