AF has a life of its own

Hello everyone!
I am feeling kind of stuck on my journey towards 20/20 and I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with :wink: So, I am just about to get my very first pair of normalised glasses but I have encountered following issues:

  1. My active focus seems to have a life of its own: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (obviously it gets worse whenever I spend little time outside). I cannot control it at all. Is this common? I have been at it for months now and have not seen any significant change in this regard.

  2. With my full prescription I still get some blur. Nothing unpleasant: I can do everything comfortably and I can read the 20/20 line on the Snellen chart, but it’s definitely there. I think for my first pair of normalised I will reduce by “only” 0.25 SPH, as the full prescription is unlikely to be overcorrected. Does that look plausible to you?

By the way, my eyes can clear only very very very little blur and active focus mostly does not work in the distance (during close up it works slightly better). Does this mean I should wait to get my first differentials?

Thanks a lot in advance!! Cheers

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About full prescription and still blur:
Maybe it is astigmatism? Do you know the data of your astigmatism? Have you cylinder correction in that full prescription glasses?
What kind of blur do you still see?

About active focus:
It should always work, only if your eyes are strained it would take more time and effort to clear up. The “give a yawn”-trick should help you (it must be a real one, when you are tired), because your eyes will be very relaxed if you give a yawn. At that moment you will have the most clear vision ever. You should practice AF on text.

Im doing distance active focus with my TV, the lenses are -1.25 lower than 20/20. But thats my personal way of integrating that habit into my life.
You should use the lenses, which your distance active focus habit requires.

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You should get your differentials first, and only after that your normalized. The differentials are needed not for improvement, they are needed to prevent harm to your eye caused by relatively overcorrected glasses to the given distance. If you don’t get differentials and use full prescription / normalized for close-up, then you will negate every improvement you could get with the normalized. You don’t have to AF with differentials, it’s totally fine to be just at the edge of blur.
If you don’t need glasses for close-up, then of course you don’t need differentials at all, but as I understand that’s not the case.

Because you don’t have differentials you most likely have ciliary spasm, which causes this. Get differentials :slight_smile:

Sounds reasonable, yes.


Ouch… I realised I made a mistake in my question, sorry about that!

I already have differentials and have been using them since early spring, so in total about 6 months. My active focus is all over the place to this day and therefore I was slightly unsure about how to continue… is it a good idea to get normalised anyways?

This is my current full prescription: OD -4.00 SPH, -0.50 CYL 175° / OS -3.25 SPH, -0.50 CYL 171°
These are my current differentials: OD -2.75 SPH / OS -2.00 SPH

My AF works (when it works :wink: ) almost exclusively with differentials - that is, while working on the computer. I usually don’t experience it outdoors during distance vision. I would describe the blur as follows: sometimes I see multiple images, sometimes the edges of the letters are out of focus. In my opinion it is not an issue of undercorrected astigmatism, since I have always had very little astigmatism correction, sometimes even none. That’s just my guess though… I usually don’t experience AF whithout glasses either (for instance when looking at the phone). Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks a lot guys :blush:

I’ve been thinking about this. You’ve been wearing your first differentials for 6 months and can clear a very little blur. Your habitual distance glasses are not completely clear and you are considering dropping just 0.25. That might give you just a little more blur to make it easier to active focus for distance.

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Yes, it’s very likely that I am accustomed to blur and that’s why my AF doesn’t work so well…
The last few days I have been outside a lot - I mean a lot - and the AF got better while working on the computer. The entire screen was 100% clear, it felt like super human vision!
So I’ll definietely get my first normalised very soon, and I’ll see how it goes. At the very least the feeling of being stuck on my end myopia journey will pass :wink: And hopefully I’ll see some improvements too!

Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement :blush:

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