AF with contacts

Hi, I started doing AF a couple months ago with my first normalized glasses and have gotten the hang of it. I would really like to go back to contacts and now have a lower diopter pair to work with, however I’m finding it more difficult to do AF while wearing them. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, do you have any suggestions on how to do AF with contacts? My AF has been on distance. Thanks.

Do you have too much of blur with the contacts as compared to the glasses? Is the conversion from glasses to contacts + a reduction too much for the brain to process? Do you keep alternating between glasses and contacts/ many focal plane changes?

Going back to contacts, you could try them outdoors, in sunny conditions. Usually only my right eye needs to be reminded to AF. A light blink seems to work.

Disclaimer: I’m at the last diopter and at this stage, my eyes give wonky results. (Eg. AF is better on cloudy days than sunnier ones :roll_eyes:. Maybe in your case too?)

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thank you. I’m trying a new type of contact material and with it, it does appear that my script may be too weak even for normalized so that maybe the issue. I am switching back and forth between glasses and contacts right now as I have to build back up to wearing the contacts. Good to know that are you able to do AF with contacts. That gives me hope. And congrats on being on your last stage!!!

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Several people reported that the diopters are not exactly the same for different brands. I also had this experience with contacts. Same diopters, different brands and completely different visual acuity.
If you changed brands you might have to adjust +/- 0.25D or so.
But it is totally possible to wear contacts with EM if your eyes are healthy and wearing contacts is OK for you. I never wore glasses.

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thank you. I think I just need to make an adjustment in diopter.