After a long break, from -4.25 to -3 and improving

Hello myopes, I’m Marut a student from India who discovered this “internet thing” while looking for a miracle for his eyes.

I discovered Jake’s Channel in December 2019 and started my journey from -4.25 L and -4 R. I was overprescribed, so my first reduction was of -0.5 and -0.25. I wore -.3.75 in both the eyes till March 2020.

Discovering Active focus, working on my eye habits and other activities to boost the process, i got my second reduction of -0.5 again. I started wearing -3.25, I was able to see 20/30 with them. But after March 2020, due to coronavirus, a nationwide lockdown was imposed and I was forced to stay indoors.

I was under artificial lighting till July! Yes, I struggled. During the lockdown, I got a lot of ciliary spasm due to the online classes and excessive close-up work and obviously no natural lighting. But in August, I started going out, trying to release my spasm and in November, a got a reduction of -0.25. I’m able to see 20/30 with my right eye and 20/50 with my left. (working on it by patching)

Getting back on track again! Will keep you all updated.
Ignore grammatical mistakes.

Love and Peace.


Update: I’m able to see 20/20 with my right eye using -3 and 20/30 with my left eye using -3. Should I reduce my right eye prescription or wait for my left eye to cover up with the right eye?
I’ll most probably go ahead with a R:-2.75 and L:-3.
Any suggestions?

Well done on the gains so far.

Personal opinion: not sure what you are wearing for close-up but it is either no corrections or will be no corrections soon. For this reason, considering you did the journey from -3.75D to -3D with equal corrections, I would not introduce a gap in corrections at this point. I’d wait for the right eye to get to 20/25 and then drop 0.25D from both eyes.

Alternatively, you can get the next equal norms and see if they give you a manageable challenge. If so, good for you. However, if they give you too much challenge, you can keep the current pair and park the next pair until its time. People seem to think they can only use one norms, and once they changed they changed, no stepping back. But it isn’t so.

My example: first I used the stronger / previous / current corrections on most days until I got to around 20/20 -> 20/30, then I introduced the next norms 1 or 2 days a week => challenging my eyes on some days and letting them enjoy clarity with less effort on the other days (that can really boost the confidence of the ‘weaker’ eye, nudging it in the right direction). Then I gradually increased the number of days wearing the lower prescription until reaching 7 days a week with them. Then I got that stabilized and then I started introducing the next lower pair with the same alternating method.

I think you are at the stage or will be soon when you can get gains from not wearing glasses in the morning at home at least for 20 minutes. E.g. having breakfast without glasses while looking around in the room. That could work as a mini zero diopter reset, and whichever norms you use, your eyes will appreciate the clarity after this.

Thanks a lot mate! I’ll wait for my right eye to cover up a little bit more and then lower my prescriptions. Also I do not use any differentials as I’m getting enough blur challenge without any close up glasses. And I don’t use my normalized during the morning time when I’m having a look outside in the greenery, it helps a lot! Will keep you updated.

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