After being a member for 8 months, I am finally ready to commit to ending myopia

Hello, Tony here. I came across EndMyopia back in March 2020. I don’t even remember how. I think at some point I just got fed up with:

  • fogging glasses in the winter
  • seeing through oily finger smudges
  • glasses sliding down the nose while running/chasing the dog
  • accidentally knocking your glasses off while attempting impressive dance moves (pre-covid)
  • unable to see while swimming
  • glasses falling off while taking yoga classes
  • eye irritation from contact lenses
  • flipping helmet shield up to adjust glasses then flipping helmet shield down every 10 minutes on the motorcycle

Glasses aren’t all bad though, I like how it accessorizes my face, and whenever I clean my glasses I wonder how much of this nasty gunk would have ended up in my eyes if it weren’t for this magnificent shield.

What stopped me from starting sooner wasn’t because I didn’t trust Jake or the Endmyopia community. Quite the opposite, it clicked for me the moment I started reading Jake’s posts. What stopped me was that I knew I was a lost cause.

I have a confession to make: I really really enjoy close up activities. I didn’t think I could commit to improving my vision because I didn’t want to give up my existing routine.

But after months of consistent exposure to the Endmyopia community I have become more aware of how much I have changed my life to accommodate glasses and how much unnecessary crap I have been putting up with every day.

So after 8 months of circling the pool, I am finally ready to jump in and improve my vision!


congrats and keep us updated!

it took me about 8 seconds lol

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I just needed a validation from someone that I can reverse Myopia. As soon as I heard it from Jake, I was all in. Before that I never thought that it’s possible.

Honesty is the perfect starting point. And congrates for coming around and realizing glasses are causing more sacrifices and irritation than your vision improvement journey will. Sometimes we just have to let our subconscious chew on things for a while before we take action. Looking forward to hearing about your journey. Best Wishes

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