🎧 Alex: -3.75 To Passing DMV Eye Exam

Finally making it back to a round of podcast style chats.

Alex went from -3.75 to passing his DMV eye exam, no glasses. He also knows how to fix computers which basically makes him a wizard of our modern age.

Double wizard now, being (near) myopia free and sharing his experiences:

Side note, more chats scheduled, a bit delayed since a certain pea-brained somebody completely messed up time zones (:sob:). Also heavily in the works is actual podcastification, with an engineer working on all those bits.

Taking some time to come together but it’s all happening!


Cool episode!

That audio crack at 13:15 is suspicious… it sounds like “almost a diopter per month,” but maybe the “quarter” was inconveniently cut by the audio glitch? :sweat_smile: I mean, otherwise he would’ve been finished right in spring lol

Would be cool to have some sort of visual overview or rough plot in such cases, to allow telling apart the initial improvement from consistent improvement over longer time.

Really motivating story! His eyes were almost as bad as mine at the start, and now he’s almost out of glasses! That’s one hell of an improvement! I’d be amazed if I could do just half that rate. Gotta keep working on my habits. :face_with_monocle:


Nice! I’ve seen his videos on YouTube before It’s great that he is so close.

I think the glitch was a misspeak, probably a quarter diopter per month. It’s about what I’m getting (for right now). I’m expecting it to slow down as I deal with the last bits of cylinder and myopia, with less available blur challenge.

Perhaps one reason to welcome winter, at lower diopters: blur challenge.

Yea he meant 1/4 diopter. I should have annotated it in the edit.