Alex's EndMyopia Journey - Starting from -10 (Currently R-7.25 L-7.50)

Hi All,

I’m going to keep this one brief to start.
This is more of a signpost to kick off this whole thread.

I’ve worn glasses since I was about 5 years old and now coming close to three decades of having them in my life.

For the record. I started my EM journey on 8 August 2020.
My eyes at that time were R-9.75 and L-10.0.
I’ve already seen some pretty nutso reductions so far and its been only two months. I’ll do some more detailed posts next.

A big thanks to Jake, the whole EM thang and also this LeMeow community. I’ve NEVER been a forum person but this thing has sucked me in bad! I’m really enjoying the bunch of characters in here and the whole world of alternative health advice and ideas!

Wish me luck



The very best of luck!. I feel the same about the forum - loads of different people from all age groups and many parts of the world, all with a common aim and pretty tolerant of different opinions.


Thanks Ursa. Yes some of these threads are epic!

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Welcome and best of luck! Nice to see another high myope around here =)
Looking forward to your more detailed posts!



Hi All so my more diopter specific post on my recent changes.

I started this journey at eye R-9.75 L-10.0
Its now been about 2 1/2 months since starting EM and I’ve reduced by roughy 1.5 diopters.
Thats about 0.5 diopters per month at the moment.
Thats a 15% reduction on my way to 20/20!
I definetly attribute the fast change to overcorrection!
Now I feel like my eyes are slowing down and maybe I’m heading into this 0.25 D per 3 month zone everyone falls into.

Please see the results below for more detailed numbers.


I really think that a huge contributor to EM’s success is having an active supporting community around it.

I’m super pumped and once again thanks to Jake, EM, Le-meow and big encouragement to everyone else on this journey!




Just reviewed your post second time - I viewed and you replied simultaneously :slight_smile:

I always convert everything to contacts diopters to avoid confusion:
You was
Contacts -8.63 -8.87
Glasses -9.75 -10

You are
Contacts -7.5 -7.75
Glasses -8.25 -8.5

Assuming your glasses lenses are 12 mm from your eyes.

I also have astigmatism, so I will count myself in spherical equivalent:

Was pre-EM
Contacts -8.87 -9.12
Glasses -10 -10.25

My best EM
Contacts -8.63
Glasses -9.75

Contacts -9.37
Glasses -10.5

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thanks for replying! @miffiffi
How long have you been doing EM?

Basically speaking, I don’t do official EM, and it’s 1 year.
Yes, there were episodes of official EM. They seemed to improve my eyesight but the quality of life was too bad: I prefer contacts instead of glasses (more than -6), but now I am on “minus over minus” like @Dlskidmore. Toric contacts are way too uncomfortable for me (I hope technology will improve in the nearest future, along with faith I will be without astigmatism). Thus, I decided to drop my astigmatism first. I don’t have ciliary spasm (that can be eliminated with differentials), so my strategy is to drop 2.5 and 1.5 astigmatism completely until it will be at normal amounts (0.5 or so). This is not an official recommendation, so I don’t recommend this to anyone.

I’ve never had full correction before EM, and almost always was either without glasses or with severe undercorrection (2-3 diopters less than needed).

My contacts prescription is:
R -8 -2.25
L -8.5 -1.25

So I will try to go either with R -6 L -6.5 or -6.5 both for close up + use -2 glasses for distance to create R -8 L -8.5 or -8.5 both, respectively.
If ther’s an option for -6.25, I will try this, too.


@Alexbreedon1111, welcome to the forum. I am a high myope myself, and I too have seen crazy reductions. I hope people like us can show the world that high myopia is not something permanent. Hopefully we can get close to if not at a 20/20 with no glasses. :grin: :blush:


If I could get under -5 I would count that as a miracle!


Axial length really shortens with this science-based method (I mean Jake’s method you do):


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Not sure why I got tagged…

The studies we have show a thickening of choroidal tissue immediately following defocus. We’ve not really shown long term trends more significant than that.

That said, thickening choroidal tissue and increased movement of aqueous humor are probably healthy and good things, and we have lots of anecdotal evidence of people increasing their visual acuity even if they don’t have documented axial length changes.

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I hold hope that this one is an achievable miracle.
In all seriousness, I do believe in miracles, but some, like this, seem to be the miracle of how wonderful and intricate we are made, if we only pay attention to it. :thinking:
I started at -11 and -11.625 respectively. I am at -7.75 and -8 (full driving strength) almost 11 months later. Even putting aside the rapid improvement from the beginning due to relaxation of the ciliary muscles, I totally think -5 and below is possible. Not an easy road, but possible (hopefully no other health complications).
Aim high, hope cautiously, and work one .25 diopter at a time. At least that seems like a good strategical/operational take on this… :sweat_smile:
Ask Jake :innocent:


This is good. There are too many people on here comparing contact lens to glasses prescription which is apples to oranges at anything stronger than - 4


This is very encouraging!
Your 3 diopters in a year is massive! Congratulations.
Yes, I’ve been dropping half diopters initially. Definetly wasn’t a problem for the first few drops.
But now I’m on -8 and the last half diopter drop was a bit rough. I think from now on I will be going 0.25 diopters.

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Yes 0.25 d is better. Also better, I think, and there is a bit of a consensus on here on this to always use the strongest glasses that still give you some blur challenge at the used distance. I.e the strongest glasses that are still a bit too weak if you like :slightly_smiling_face:


that sounds right to me in this range. dropping from -7.75 to - 7.5 felt quite the change to me. half a diopter would definately be way too much to still function properly in daily life - like reading street signs through the blur or subtitles on the tv.


I would definitely be a bit more conservative and stick with .25 diopter change at a time. The crazy progress from the beginning slows down to a more normal pace.
I am not the only one with large drop in diopter in the first year. from a geometry and optics point of view, this is rather quite common for high myopes.
Enjoy the ride. You will learn a lot about your eyes and yourself in the process.
After all, this is not only about getting rid of glasses, but rather “seeing space” again. :star_struck:


@SeeTheLight, a typical highly myopic eye, as well as corrective aid to fully correct it, have ±0.25 D measurement/power error.

Some more expensive lenses, as well as cheapest China 1.5 super-thick lenses, have 0.25 steps after ±6 D. But the most lens brands in optics shop near me have only 0.5 increments.
So, I would vote for 0.5 reduction until 6 D.

@Dlskidmore, I tagged you because there is a person that actually decreased his axial length by 0.07 mm in 4 months, and it’s pretty close to what Jake says, despite this person encountered too few progress compared to others on this forum. He has moderate myopia, though. You should not be too pessimistic…

Also, you can search on this forum about 95 years old testimonial of -20 and -3 cylinder myope reversed his myopia to about -3.5.

Some studies suggest that eyes with high myopia elongate way more doing accommodated near work than eyes with lower myopia. Let’s hope we can reduce high myopia faster, too.

You actually have about -13.5 myopia (about 4 diopters more than I have), because that’s a madness to calculate true myopia value with vertex distance compensation in such high ranges. You don’t have astigmatism as well. Any astigmatism with “wandering axis” generally doesn’t count as and should not be corrected, as it’s transient.

If you have esophoria, i.e. your eye(-s) have a tendency to look at each other when you’re tired, find a good gaze fixing exercises or go for orthoptic training. Because there’s a book on this forum with a study linked that eyes with esophoria have significantly faster myopia progression than eyes with exophoria. It should help reducing any astigmatism to a minimum, too.

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You will do the best with what you have available. I am not sure what levels you define as expensive vs. what is available close to you. I would suggest you take a look at some websites where you can buy lenses online (I personally use Zenni, and the quality is good enough for what I need). They do have increments of .25 diopters available.
0.5 reduction at very high levels of myopia could work just fine for some of us. Always going with .5 reduction though, all the way to -6D could lead to mental fatigue with the EM process in the long run. It is/may be brutal on the brain.
Again, I am not the expert here. All I have is my own reductions experience (along with my mistakes) and the stories of many other members on the forum.

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