Almost there 20/20 and yet not at the target - worse see

I am quite unhappy, since 2017 I work according to endmyopia. I had - 2.75 fluctuating both eyes.
A few months ago I thought , I am at 20/20. already been over a year at under -1.

I always wore -0.75 glasses in the evening for TV and at work. Hardly at all during the day. The glasses broke.
I then wore at work , night duty (very stressful) then -1 dpt. glasses.
My life is also very stressful and uncertain right now.

Since then my vision is worse again, it’s terrible.

I have good vision habits and work a lot on the vision board at a distance of 3-6 meters.

I try to focus a lot outdoors. Also at night is worse again…

Does anyone have any advice?


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Being under a lot of stress never makes health issues better. If you’re doing all you can to protect your eyes I don’t know what else you can do. Have you made sure that medically nothing bad is happening, like high blood pressure or diabetes? I’d probably make sure there’s not an underlying health issue that is affecting your vision if I were you.

That is a good hint, thank you very much.

Healthwise everything is good, I have noticed that I look first thing in the morning on cell phone, I often look in the distance, but I will change that now…

I had changed because my -0.75 glasses broke to -1, was not good, at the same time I started with +1 glasses on the monitor.

I think it irritated my visual system…

Now it is slowly getting better

Best regards

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